Suds Make You Smarter

Kiwi study shows booze is good for the brain
By Kate Schwartz,  Newser User
Posted Oct 3, 2007 5:55 PM CDT

(Newser) – An apple a day, a daily vitamin, a pint of beer? New Zealand scientists who fed rats zero, modest and heavy amounts of ethanol learned that moderate daily alcohol intake will improve memory, reports the Register. The breakthrough, touted last week by Scientific American, is "similar to a glass of wine protecting against heart disease."

The brain boost kicks in at 1 to 3 drinks, depending on a drinker's size, metabolism and genetic background. But the study warns that drinking to "drown sorrows" could promote traumatic memories and lead to more drinking. And don't try to convince yourself that downing a few more will make you even smarter: The teetotaler rats fared better than the drunkards.