U.N.'s Worthless If It Can't Get Tough on Iran

U.N. Lawyers outraged at anemic repsonse to hostage-taking
Iranian worshippers chant slogans during a demonstration in support of the capturing of 15 British sailors and marines, after Friday Prayers in Tehran, Iran, Friday, March 30, 2007. 15 British sailors...   (Associated Press)

(Newser) – Iran's taking hostages, and the the United Nations is merely "gravely concerned"?
Two U.N. lawyers, writing in the LA Times, are disgusted. "The international community's failure to show immediate outrage at Iran's action is deafening," say David Rivkin and Lee Casey. "Ancient legal principles governing how states make war are on the line."

The two call Iran's claim that the captured British were in Iranian waters as "risable" as the claim that mere university students —not the Iraninan government—were behind the 1979 hostage crisis. "If the Security Council cannot even 'deplore' the unlawful detention of prisoners of war, let alone take more forceful action," they write, "it is worthless as a guarantor of international peace and stability."