Justin.tv All Me All the Time

Extending the livecasting of daily existence from one man to many
By Asta Hostetter,  Newser User
Posted Oct 14, 2007 1:07 PM CDT

(Newser) – In most pix of Justin Kan a small camera is perched above his left ear. He’s a livecaster who co-founded Justin.tv, for people like him who have the tools, and the desire, to broadcast their every waking moment on the Web. The NY Times reports that the founders of the new site are hoping a business will emerge from mass adoption, as with YouTube—but this time, without editing.

Unlike YouTube, which publishes snippets, the videos on Justin.tv are streams—many streams of uninterrupted footage from your living room. Watching them, the Times writer sees comparisons to the endlessness of Andy Warhol's experimental films. But Kan is undaunted: “imagine one million people broadcasting live, 999,000 of whom are boring — but the other 1,000 are really interesting.”