Holocaust Survivor Defends Auschwitz Dance Video
Says dancing at death camp a celebration of life

(User Submitted) – A Holocaust survivor is defending his participation in an online video that shows him dancing to "I Will Survive" at the infamous Nazi death camp Auschwitz. Adolek Kohn, 89, and his grandchildren posted footage of themselves dancing at several locations connected to the Holocaust, as an art project celebrating Kohn's survival of the Nazi regime. "Why did I do that? First of all because I came with my grandchildren," Kohn told Sky News.

"Who could come with their grandchildren?" Kohn continued. "Most of them are dead. We came to Auschwitz with the grandchildren and created a new generation, that's why we danced." Some Jewish community leaders have reacted with outrage, calling the videos inappropriate and offensive, while others have praised them as a celebration of life.