IVF Success Rate Plummets After First Two Tries

Women who undergo several rounds of IVF will see diminishing returns, according to a new study.   (AP)

(User Submitted) – Trying to get pregnant with IVF? Be prepared to switch up your baby plan—experts warn that a woman's chances of becoming pregnant with in vitro fertilization decrease dramatically after only two attempts. After one treatment, 59% of women become pregnant, but that number falls to 35% for women who have undergone three or more rounds, according to a new study. This trend was also noted among couples who used fertility drugs or artificial insemination.

"If women are not getting pregnant after several cycles, a change to a different strategy is probably warranted," the study's lead researcher told the Daily Mail. Other options include using donor eggs or sperm, or changing the "protocol" of the IVF treatments. Read the full article.

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