Newser Editors the 'Chefs of the Internet'
'Dilbert' creator loves us, he really loves us
By Polly Davis Doig,  Newser Staff
Posted Aug 16, 2010 4:54 PM CDT
A Dilbert cartoon strip, which may only have a casual relationship to the story, but nevertheless is not stock art.   (AP Photo/Scott Adams, Inc./Dist. by UFS, Inc.)

(Newser) – Usually when your humble Newser editors aggregate ourselves, it involves a spat over whether what we do is "stealing" or "news curation." Over at, creator Scott Adams ignores those niggling details to consider the net result: An aggregator that, though "little more than a grid of boxes," is "a mood enhancer masquerading as some sort of news site. I am psychologically addicted to it. I feel a need to check it twenty times a day. WTF?"

It's sort of like fine cooking, Adams contends, in that we all have access to the same ingredients and recipes, but not everyone can churn out a tantalizing crème brûlée. Ergo, "Editors are the chefs of the Internet," he writes, and therein lies the key to its future. "Newser works, I believe, because somewhere in their back kitchen is an editor who has an uncommon feel for what stories to highlight, (and) how to summarize them in a folksy voice. There's some genius happening there." Click here to read the whole love fest—for which no "chef" pledged his or her firstborn.