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Ahmadinejad Called to Criminal Court; Charges Unknown

Parliament speaker made complaint

(Newser) - Iran's presidential election is barely over, and foes of Mahmoud Ahmadinejad are wasting no time in summoning the outgoing president to a Tehran criminal court. Parliament speaker Ali Larijani, who has consistently been a thorn in Ahmadinejad's side, lodged a complaint against him, though his charges haven't... More »

Iran's 'Kennedys': Will They Fight Back?

(Newser) - Dubbed Iran's "Kennedys," the Larijani brothers have risen to power as counterweights to President Ahmadinejad's hardline politics—but to what end? All five bespectacled and bearded brothers have held important posts, and two of them are now running two of the nation's three government branches. Backed by... More »

Iranian Leaders at Odds on Election Results

Ministers at odds as violent scenes come to light

(Newser) - A rift is growing between Iran’s political leadership as two top-ranking officials issued opposing statements on the results of the recent presidential election, CNN reports. The country’s parliamentary speaker today suggested Iran’s election authority had sided “with a certain candidate,” while the foreign minister claimed... More »

Iran's New Speaker May Pose Challenge to Ahmadinejad

Larijani, with ear of top ayatollah, seen as more pragmatic than president

(Newser) - Iranian lawmakers seemingly made their displeasure with President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad known today, selecting rival Ali Larijani as speaker of parliament. Larijani ran against Ahmadinejad in 2005, and the two have often clashed since, the Los Angeles Times reports. As Iran’s top nuclear negotiator, Larijani was often frustrated by the... More »

Iran's Nuclear Negotiator Quits

(Newser) - Iran's chief nuclear negotiator has resigned, the Iranian government said today, in a move seen as signaling a hardening of Tehran's nuclear stance. Ali Larijani  was said to be more committed to finding a diplomatic resolution to Iran's nuclear standoff with the West than Iranian President  Mahmoud Ahmadinejad. He was... More »

Iran Won't Budge on Uranium

Negotiator bound for EU talks puts enrichment off-limits

(Newser) - Iran won't stop enriching uranium, its chief nuclear negotiator said today, hours before scheduled talks with the EU. Tomorrow's meeting will focus on Iran's nuclear program, seen as an increasing threat after recent inspections indicated the country is moving closer to nuclear capability. Monday's US-Iran negotiations on Iraq have no... More »

Iran Raises Nuclear Stakes

'Can Produce Uranium on Industrial Scale'

(Newser) - Iran claims to have scaled up its nuclear capability by enriching uranium "on an industrial scale, " the Guardian reports, in defiance of U.S. and U.N. pressure to dimantle the program. The announcement from President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad  is sure to heighten conflict with the White House and... More »

Brit Standoff Shows Deeply Divided Iran

Radicals and moderates fight it out, tacitly, over captured sailors

(Newser) - An internal squabble between Iran's radical president and more moderate officials  is in evidence in the crisis over the captive British marines and sailors. President Ahmadinejad and his Revolutionary Guards are pushing for a trial. Cooler heads, including Ali Larijani, the diplomat who offered bilateral negotiations yesterday, are pushing back,... More »

Iranians, Brits Move Toward Talks

Top diplomat lays out roadmap for brokering sailors' release

(Newser) - Iran is ready to negotiate freeing its 15 British captives, according to the country's top diplomat. In a cryptic TV interview, Ali Larijani suggested the marines and sailors could be released if the Brits apologized and stopped putting international pressure on Tehran. "We are not interested in the issue... More »

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