Little Havana

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Cuba Releases Photos of Elian Gonzales, 16

As a boy in the US, he set off a furor over immigration

(Newser) - Cuba has released photos of one-time exile cause célèbre Elian Gonzalez wearing an olive-green military school uniform and attending a Young Communist Union congress. Gonzalez, now 16 with closely cropped black hair, is shown serious-faced with fellow youth delegates during last weekend's congress in Havana. The images were... More »

South Florida Quiet After Castro Resigns

Exile leaders stress need for democracy on island nation

(Newser) - Few South Florida Cubans bothered to celebrate Fidel Castro's retirement today, the Miami Herald reports. Exile leaders dismissed the power shift to Castro's brother Raul as politics as usual for the island nation. "Just because he has given up a title, doesn't mean he has given up power,''... More »

Obama Would Ease Cuba Travel Limits

Candidate backs looser rules on money transfers, family visits

(Newser) - Barack Obama says that as president, he would reverse the Bush administration's increased restrictions on travel to Cuba, the AP reports. Visiting or sending money to relatives on the Communist-controlled island became more difficult in 2004, a policy change the candidate calls "strategically blundering" in an op-ed published in... More »

3 Stories