George Foreman

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9 Celebs Who Picked Lame Baby Names

Cristiano Ronaldo will never forget son's name

(Newser) - For every celebrity like Gwyneth Paltrow who names her baby Apple, there’s a Cristiano Ronaldo who names his baby…Cristiano Ronaldo. The Daily Beast takes a look at 9 celebrities who didn't get too creative with baby names:
  • George Foreman: Not only are his five sons all named George—
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Trump Wants to Hire Britney, Lindsay, Paris

'Celeb Apprentice' host will rehab tarnished images

(Newser) - Donald Trump is not one to mince words. "She's a [bleep]ing mess," Trump says of  Britney Spears. And he thinks he's just the man who can help the twice-divorced, thrice-rehabbed pop princess get her career back on track. The host of the upcoming "Celebrity Apprentice" has invited... More »

2 Stories