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Paydays That Make Even Wall Streeters Blush

Top hedge-fund guru earned $3.7B in 2007 as income gap widens

(Newser) - Some Wall Street hedge-fund managers earned billions betting against the market last year, with the top of the class, John Paulson, shaking loose $3.7 billion, the New York Times reports. With the US median family income at $60,500, the booty embarrassed even some of his Wall Street peers.... More »

Reality Bites Wall Street Whiz Kids

Quant fund eggheads screwed up just as badly as everyone else

(Newser) - The eggheads who run Wall Street's "quant funds," using complex algorithms to play the markets but neglecting the human element, screwed up as badly as everyone else during the Dow's recent dive. "They are very smart in front of a textbook but not smart enough to understand... More »

2 Stories