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Nuke Soap Opera: NRC Members Call Boss a Bully

Testy relations surface between commissioners, Gregory Jaczko

(Newser) - Nuclear Regulatory Commission chief Gregory Jaczko will be on Capitol Hill next week for hearings, and it looks like the No. 1 topic will be his relations with the panel's four commissioners. Things are especially nasty, reports the Hill . The commissioners (two Democrats and two Republicans) wrote a letter... More »

Nuclear Screw-Ups Hushed Up

Tenn. plant that supplies Navy fuel wasn't fined for uranium leak

(Newser) - In the name of national security, the NRC has held back from reporting serious violations at a Tennessee nuclear plant, including a 9-gallon uranium spill for which the facility was not fined. In balancing public safety against counterterrorism measures, an agency exec tells the AP, "The pendulum maybe swung... More »

2 Stories