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Ostriches May Improve Heart Bypass Surgery

Arteries from long, thin neck are the key

(Newser) - Japanese researchers have used arteries from the long necks of ostriches to perform successful bypass surgery in pigs, reports AFP . In a few years, they hope to duplicate the feat with humans, reports the Asahi Shimbun . The researchers used the arteries to "construct artificial pathways" in the pigs, and... More »

Japan's Emperor to Have Heart Bypass

Akihito has suffered from variety of health problems in recent years

(Newser) - Japanese Emperor Akihito will have heart bypass surgery later this month, his palace said today after the 78-year-old monarch was hospitalized for tests over the weekend. Akihito returned to the palace today after the tests and has scheduled the surgery for Feb. 18, the Imperial Household Agency said. More »

Blood Vessels Grown in a Lab

New technique grows vein safe for transplants that don't clog

(Newser) - Scientists have devised a new method of growing blood vessels—safe for transplanting into anyone, or for storage for up to a year—that could revolutionize heart surgery, reports the Telegraph . To create the veins, random donor cells are placed on a biodegradable scaffold, where they grow collagen; the original... More »

Simple Technique Could Bypass Cardiac Arrest

Restricting arm blood circulation helps heart in surgery—and attacks, docs hope

(Newser) - A simple technique temporarily restricting the arm's blood supply before heart bypass surgery significantly improves the chances of a full recovery—and could one day be used to prevent cardiac arrest, reports the Guardian. The technique uses cycles of arm compressions with cuffs to remotely restrict  blood flow to the... More »

4 Stories