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Woman Develops 'Temporary Kleptomania' After Surgery

Brazilian went in for a tummy tuck and boob job, came out with a desire to steal

(Newser) - A woman who went under the knife for a little nip-and-tuck in 2013 ended up with a case of pocket-and-run as well. Per Live Science , the 40-year-old Brazilian had cosmetic surgery on her stomach, arms, and breasts, but just a few days after the procedure, she started having "recurring... More »

'Viagra Condom' Hopes to Buoy Endurance

Prophylactic contains gel to boost blood flow

(Newser) - A British biotech company has come up with a kind of protection it thinks men will be eager to use. Dubbed the “Viagra Condom,” its nickname is a bit misleading: It’s not targeted at men with erectile dysfunction. Instead, the new condom comes pre-loaded with a vasodilating... More »

Toucan's Beak Really Outsized Thermostat

Toucans control blood flow to outsized bill to raise or lower body temperature

(Newser) - New research reveals an unexpected use for the toucan’s outsized bill, Wired reports. Thermal imaging shows that the bird can regulate its body temperature by increasing or restricting blood flow to its beak. “Bird bills are not ‘dead tissues’ incapable of playing a role in heat balance,... More »

Simple Technique Could Bypass Cardiac Arrest

Restricting arm blood circulation helps heart in surgery—and attacks, docs hope

(Newser) - A simple technique temporarily restricting the arm's blood supply before heart bypass surgery significantly improves the chances of a full recovery—and could one day be used to prevent cardiac arrest, reports the Guardian. The technique uses cycles of arm compressions with cuffs to remotely restrict  blood flow to the... More »

4 Stories