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Want to Save the Planet? Stay Home

Slate columnist thinks green-friendly people turn blind eye to travel

(Newser) - Some items for your how-to-be-green list: Recycling bin? Check. Al Gore-approved lightbulbs? Check. Reusable grocery bags? Check. Cancel your vacation plans? Ch... wait, what? Christie Aschwanden thinks lots of enviro-friendly folks are getting off too easy, she writes at Slate . They grab on to all the relatively simple things but... More »

Want to Stay at a Green Hotel? Think Cheap

Those worried about their carbon footprint should consider a budget hotel

(Newser) - The greenest hotel chain in the US isn't exactly the swankiest: A new report from Brighter Planet finds that Vagabond Inn is the most energy- and carbon-efficient, the Los Angeles Times reports. Next up: Red Lion Hotels, another mid-range offering, followed by the budget Red Carpet Inns and then... More »

Google Electricity Use: Enough for 200K Homes

Company consumed 2.3B kilowatt hours in 2010

(Newser) - So how much juice does it take for Google to power all its searches and servers, not to mention email and YouTube? Lots, as in 2.3 billion kilowatt hours of electricity in 2010, reports the San Jose Mercury News . That's enough for about 200,000 houses. The company... More »

Genghis Kahn: Tree-Hugging Slaughterer?

Turns out staining the ground red meant going green

(Newser) - If environmentalists were really serious about cutting carbon, they'd just go out and slaughter about 40 million people. Or so one might deduce from a new study that finds Genghis Khan's murderous invasion actually sucked about 700 million tons of carbon from the atmosphere, reports Mother Nature Network. The trick?... More »

20+ Lawmakers Hit Copenhagen on US Dime

Full delegation—including staffers, plus wives—over 100

(Newser) - More than 20 members of Congress hit the Copenhagen climate conference last month, a CBS investigation finds—and House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s office, which was in charge of the guest list, is being shifty about what it all cost. Of the fact that lawmakers (and some wives) commandeered three... More »

Pets' Carbon Pawprint Cause for Alarm

Fido, Fluffy fetch bad news for environment

(Newser) - Forget the gas guzzler—it's Fluffy and Fido who are delivering a carbon blow to the global environment. That's the odd warning from a pair of New Zealand professors who claim the carbon pawprint of a large dog delivers twice the impact of a Toyota Land Cruiser driven 6,000... More »

The Edge Rejects Greenie Criticism of U2 Tour

(Newser) - U2 guitarist The Edge stood up to critics who say the band's massive world tour is bad news for the environment, the BBC reports. "I think anybody that's touring is going to have a carbon footprint," he said backstage last night at U2's Wembley Stadium concert. "... More »

U2 Tour Not So Eco-Friendly

No word from Bono on whether or not he's offsetting his emissions

(Newser) - U2 is all about “looking after our planet,” as frontman Bono once said—but they’re not practicing what they preach, according to The band’s 44 concerts this year are the equivalent of “the four band members traveling the 34.125 million miles from... More »

Calif. Branches Into Forests to Fight Climate Change

(Newser) - The California government is preparing to enter into the "forest bank" business in a bid to save woodlands and battle carbon pollution and climate change, reports the Los Angeles Times. The state is expected to roll out a California "cabon market" that may be expanded elsewhere in the... More »

Spam Doesn't Waste Energy, Humans Do

Study miscalculates how people use computers: Kaplan

(Newser) - A recent study that equates spam’s carbon footprint to that of a whopping 2.4 million homes is fascinating, but completely wrong, Jeremy Kaplan writes in PC Magazine. The researchers traced most of the energy usage to the end user’s computer, but that energy-waster would probably be left... More »

Energy-Wasting Spam Also a Pain in the Earth

It hurts environment and productivity, authors say

(Newser) - Spam e-mails consume 20% of companies' energy budgets, enough collectively to run 2.4 million houses, says a study commissioned by the security firm McAfee. Most of the waste results from end users sifting through the 62 trillion junk items sent annually, eWeek reports. Eliminating spam would be the equivalent... More »

America's Greenest Ski Resorts

(Newser) - Despite their reputation for being unfriendly to the environment, several ski resorts have become more sustainable, says Treehugger, which lists seven of the nation’s greenest mountain getaways.
  1. The Aspen Skiing Company, Colorado: This four-mountain resort said to be at the center of the green movement began eco-friendly initiatives in
... More »

Fliers Ease Carbon Guilt Via Donations

San Fran airport to offer pollution offsets at new kiosks

(Newser) - Guilty about the carbon footprint of your frequent flights? Have a few bucks to spare and time to kill at San Francisco's airport? The firm 3Degrees is banking on such a combination as it prepares to roll out the nation's first fleet of kiosks offering carbon offsets. No one is... More »

How Green Is Too Green?

Is unplugging the fridge and fueling up on vegetable oil eco-friendly or just nuts?

(Newser) - How far would you go to reduce your ecological footprint? Would you run your car on waste vegetable oil? Use your lawn as a bathroom to save water? Huddle for body heat? Unplug the fridge? Some 7% of the population is “dark green,” the New York Times reports,... More »

Madonna Starts Tour, Draws Greenie Fire

To not-sold-out house

(Newser) - Madonna kicked off her 51-stop stage show in Cardiff today, a sprawling extravaganza featuring 20 songs, 250 crew members, and $2 million worth of jewelry, the BBC reports. A giant “M” loomed over the stage as Madonna worked through the show’s four sections, titled Pimp, Old School, Gypsy,... More »

Thinking Inside the Box Means Greener, Cheaper Vino

Quality is rising, so get on board, wine snobs

(Newser) - A move by Italy toward wine in boxes should be a kick in the grapes for US producers and consumers, Tyler Colman writes in the New York Times. “But the sky isn’t falling. Wine in a box makes sense environmentally and economically,” the author and blogger continues,... More »

Save Planet, Eat 'Roo Burgers, Scientist Urges

Belching sheep and cattle account for 11% of Aussie emissions

(Newser) - Can kangaroo burgers save the world? One Australian scientist thinks so. Farming kangaroos to replace conventional livestock could reduce greenhouse gas emissions, he says. Cattle and sheep expel methane gas—more harmful than carbon dioxide—through belching and flatulence, but 'roos don't, thanks to unique microorganisms in their digestive tracts,... More »

Celebs Face Off in Green Arms Race

Bill Nye, Ed Begley compete for smallest carbon footprint in Calif. neighborhood

(Newser) - It could only happen in California—a pair of celebrity neighbors, actor Ed Begley Jr. and "Science Guy" Bill Nye, are involved in a contest of environmental one-upsmanship, the AP reports. Since Nye moved onto Begley’s block in Studio City 2 years ago, the two have been competing... More »

Top Ideas of Past Year

Atlantic Monthly runs down issues steered the national discourse in past year

(Newser) - Which ideas informed the national discourse (or lack thereof) in the past year? Well, the Atlantic Monthly knows, and there are 11 … er, 11½. From the troop surge in Iraq to post-partisan politics to the provocatively titled “mass-market atheism,” a look at some of the most captivating... More »

Prius: 1M and Counting

Toyota hybrid's sales into seven digits, and company sees no slowdown

(Newser) - The Toyota Prius is a now 1 million units strong, and the landmark gas-electric hybrid, introduced in 1997, is poised to keep growing, the AP reports. Toyota said today it expects to be selling a million a year by sometime after 2010; what’s more, the company claims 4.5... More »

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