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Mystery Crater Surfaces on Utah Farm

Theories include collapsed soil, earthquakes, or 'Martian art'

(Newser) - Gary Dalton was draining the irrigation pond on his farmland in Circleville, Utah, when he made a startling discovery: a giant crater staring back up at him from the bottom of the basin. "The sun was just right, so I saw this blasted thing that no one had ever... More »

Phone Lost in Oklahoma Is Found in Japan

Farmer's iPhone traveled to Hokkaido and back

(Newser) - When Oklahoma farmer Kevin Whitney's phone slipped out of his pocket into a silo containing 290,000 bushels of grain, he figured it was gone for good—but it was just beginning a journey around the world. Some eight months later, he was reunited with the iPhone, and some... More »

Farmer Is First American Jailed Thanks to a Drone

North Dakota cops used Predator to help end farmer's standoff

(Newser) - Given how common it is for law-enforcement agencies to use drones these days, this milestone was only a matter of time: A North Dakota farmer has become the first American to be convicted and sentenced to prison with the help of a drone, reports US News & World Report . Rodney... More »

Radiation? Bah, Japanese Farmer Won't Budge

Masami Yoshizawa makes a stand after nuke plant disaster

(Newser) - A farmer is defying evacuation orders around Japan's Fukishima nuclear plant, saying he'll stay in the radioactive wasteland to keep cattle alive—even if it puts his health at risk, the New York Times reports. "These cows are living testimony to the human folly here in Fukushima,... More »

Oregon Farmer Eaten by His Hogs

Terry Vance Garner's body parts, dentures found in pen

(Newser) - Don't go into the hog pen. A 70-year-old Oregon farmer went to the barn to feed his hogs and never returned. A family member later found a few body parts and Terry Vance Garner's dentures in the pen. Authorities are still investigating what happened, but they believe it'... More »

Elderly Farmer Accidentally Grows Field of Pot

The culprit: Bird food with hemp seeds, he says

(Newser) - Want to keep the drug police off your property? Don't sow your land with birdseed. That's what a 74-year-old German farmer says he did—and the bird food contained hemp seeds, resulting in an accidental 10-foot-high cannabis crop, Der Spiegel reports. He explained that he wanted to grow... More »

1,600 Turtles Flee Georgia Farm

They made a break for it after fences stolen

(Newser) - Around 1,600 fugitive turtles are hiding out in ponds and creeks in northern Georgia after making a slow but deliberate getaway from a local farm. David Driver, one of only three turtle farmers in the state, says most of his turtles escaped after vandals or possible scrap metal thieves... More »

Farmworkers Seize Land in Massive Honduras Protest

Plantations are on public land, activists say

(Newser) - Honduras saw its own kind of Occupy protest erupt yesterday. Thousands of impoverished farmworkers in the Central American nation took over land belonging to major landowners in a coordinated series of protests around the country, reports the BBC . The farmworkers insisted that the land was public land that small farmers... More »

Donkeys Abandoned Across Texas

Dire drought and high feed costs to blame

(Newser) - Cash-strapped donkey owners in Texas are abandoning the animals in record numbers, creating a headache for authorities and a devoted group of donkey rescuers, the Houston Chronicle reports. Authorities say dire drought and high feed costs are making donkeys, like horses, much harder to keep. "Donkey rescues have gone... More »

Farmer Fined After Feeding Ducks Pot

Marijuana isn't all it's quacked up to be, say authorities

(Newser) - Instead of going in the pot, the pot has apparently been going into the blissed-out ducks of one happy-go-lucky French farm. Now farmer Michel Rouyer has been handed a one-month suspended sentence after cops discovered marijuana plants and dried pot on his farm—even though he insists he was just... More »

Farmers Sour on Genetically Modified Seeds

But 86% of America's farm acres are planted with biotech crops

(Newser) - Genetically-modified crops are pervasive—last year 86% of America's farm acres were planted with biotech crops—but some farmers are beginning to sour on the technology. They say that the advantages are not worth the soaring prices charged by seed giants like Monsanto: The cost of corn seed jumped 32%... More »

Investors Flee Wall St., Bet on the Farm

Farmland has outperformed S&P 500 since recession

(Newser) - While Wall Street fiddles and the rest of the real estate market largely fizzles, there's a new hot commodity that has investors flocking to it: Farmland, reports the LA Times. Average farm real estate prices have doubled over the last decade, unlike, say, Florida condos, and many Americans and foreigners... More »

20 Jobs That Could Kill You

Fishing, mining not for the faint of heart

(Newser) - Tunneling deep into the earth is dangerous business, as West Virginian miners were reminded this week. With that in mind, the Daily Beast takes a look at the most dangerous professions, broken down by deaths per 100,000, injuries per 100,000, and average annual salary:
  1. Fisherman: 129 deaths, 61
... More »

Record Stash of Ancient Gold Found In Farmer's Field

Brit with metal detector uncovers 7th-century Anglo-Saxon jackpot

(Newser) - The biggest stash of Anglo-Saxon gold and silver ever found has been unearthed in a farmer's field in Staffordshire, England, by an amateur treasure hunter using a metal detector. The hoard, estimated to date back to the 7th century, includes weapons, helmets, and gold coins. Archaeologists are stunned both by... More »

Taliban Cut Off My Nose, Ears for Voting: Farmer

Kabul hospital turned him away due to overcrowding

(Newser) - An Afghan farmer who dared walk to a polling place for the presidential election 10 days ago paid a bitter price, losing his nose and both ears in a Taliban attack, the Independent reports. In the first account by a victim of election retribution, Lal Mohammed, 40, says three militants... More »

Greedy Farmers Battle Climate Bill That Benefits Them

Demand government cash to take action

(Newser) - Farmers are among those facing the highest risk from global warming—storms, droughts and swarms of insect pests are coming their way—yet “true to form,” they’re not interested in backing a bill to fight it without reaping even more government cash, sputters Steven Pearlstein in the... More »

Mini-Cows Help Ranchers Buck Rising Costs

Smaller cattle cheaper to raise but still deliver good meat

(Newser) - Facing higher feed costs, ranchers aren’t having a cow—they’re merely downsizing them, the Los Angeles Times reports. Mini-cows have become the latest trend on farms around the country, because many eat less and are easier to handle, but produce 50% to 75% the rib-eyes and fillets of... More »

Farmers Plucked by Chicken Slump

Foreclosures loom as chicken company cuts contracts

(Newser) - Hundreds of poultry farmers face foreclosures on their pricey chicken houses after poultry giant Pilgrim's Pride dropped their contracts. Some are suing in return, claiming the company encouraged them to take on hefty mortgages and vowed to keep their grandkids in business, the Wall Street Journal reports. Most farmers own... More »

Cops Bust Pot Plantation With Google Earth

Swiss farmers find they can't hide crop from satellite images

(Newser) - Swiss cops using Google Earth to check out the addresses of two suspects discovered a 2-acre marijuana plantation hidden in a field of corn, reports the AP. The bust led to the arrest of 16 men, suspected of selling 7 tons of marijuana and hashish during the last 4 years.... More »

Midwest Awaits Bumper Corn Crop

Ideal growing weather wipes out flood fears

(Newser) - America's farmers are on track to deliver the second-biggest corn harvest ever despite June floods, according to the Department of Agriculture. Shortages were predicted after severe flooding swamped fields, but the Midwest has had ideal corn-growing weather since, the New York Times reports. A healthy soybean crop is also expected.... More »

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