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Trump Rips ObamaCare, Raises Questions on Himself in Process

Seems to imply at Miami campaign event he doesn't offer health care coverage to his own workers

(Newser) - The news that ObamaCare premiums are going to significantly rise next year didn't put many people in the best of moods Tuesday, and Donald Trump was no exception. First he said "it's over" for the administration's health care plan at a rally in Tampa, Fla., Monday... More »

Trump: Global Warming Is BS— That's Threatening My Resort

Irish golf course applies for permit to build wall to fend off erosion caused by climate change

(Newser) - Global warming is just "expensive bulls---t," according to Donald Trump, a position he's often taken publicly, but it looks like he's more than willing to wade in when it comes to one of his own resorts. The last Republican standing has applied for a permit to... More »

84 Graves Discovered Under Atlanta Golf Course

Not clear why golf course was built over cemetery

(Newser) - When you're ready to tee off, you probably don't expect it's from above a dead body ... but as many as 84 graves have been uncovered beneath an Atlanta golf course. Locals told stories of a cemetery beneath the course, which was built in the 1930s, and the... More »

Culprit in Fires at Golf Courses? Titanium Clubs

Clubs spark when they hit rocks

(Newser) - Before you break out your titanium golf clubs for the warmer weather, you might want to grab a fire extinguisher as well. A new study finds that titanium golf clubs spark if they strike rocks while swinging in the rough—and those sparks remain hot for a long time, meaning... More »

Cessnas Collide in Midair Over SoCal

One pilot dies, the other lands on golf course

(Newser) - Two Cessnas collided over Southern California yesterday afternoon, and those aboard one of the planes miraculously survived. That plane managed to land, with its landing gear still up, on a Westlake Golf Course fairway; the three people on board reported only minor injuries. But the other plane, also a single-engine... More »

Illinois Sinkhole Swallows Golfer

But Mark Mihal is OK

(Newser) - Florida isn't the only state dealing with sinkhole troubles : On an Illinois golf course Friday, golfer Mark Mihal suddenly dropped into one. "I was standing in the middle of the fairway," he tells the St. Louis Post-Dispatch . "Then, all of a sudden, before I knew it,... More »

Islands to Be Built in India ... and Towed to Maldives

Dutch design features private islands, golf course with underwater club

(Newser) - Many of the islands that comprise the Maldives could soon be submerged—so replacements are under way. A Dutch firm is designing artificial islands to join some 1,192 islands that sit an average of five feet above sea level, making the Maldives the world's lowest country. Now, the... More »

Trump Fences Scot's House, Bills Him for It

'I'm not paying any attention to it,' says golf course neighbor

(Newser) - Donald Trump is used to picking fights with the media, would-be apprentices, and the president of the United States, but now he's throwing daggers at quite a different target: David Milne, a Scottish neighbor of Trump's planned "best golf course in the world," who refuses to... More »

Obama Haters Carve Swastika on 18th Hole

Link to President Obama on country club green stumps police

(Newser) - The Obama-equals-Hitler folks have left us a puzzle. Vandals carved "I swastika Obama"—with the swastika facing the wrong way—on, of all places, the 18th hole of a country club golf course 40 miles north of Boston. It's unclear who did it or even when, but a... More »

'Eye Candy' Caddies Out of Bounds at UK Courses

(Newser) - A chain of golf courses in England has taken a dim view of the Eye Candy caddie service, which offers a “gorgeous new solution for unforgettable golf days,” the Daily Mail reports. Eye Candy caddies, attractive young women with a debatable knowledge of the game, are banned from... More »

AIG Mystery Haunts Conn. Golf Course

After bailout, taxpayers say they deserve to putt on it

(Newser) - Locals rarely see anyone playing the pristine golf course that straddles the Connecticut-New York border, and no one’s quite sure who owns it—though most think it’s linked to insurance giant AIG, the New York Times reports. The mysterious Morefar Back O’Beyond course is rumored to have... More »

'Bourgeois' Golf Courses Tee Off Chávez

Venezuela shutting down the links—that happen to be near oil

(Newser) - Hugo Chávez has gone after oil conglomerates and media companies, and now he's hitting the capitalist pigs where it hurts: at the golf course. The Venezuelan president is trying to shut down the country's best-known courses, which he believes are part of an anti-Marxist conspiracy, the Independent reports. "... More »

The First Handicap: 'Between 16 and 24'

(Newser) - Bill Clinton on the golf course was notorious for cursing into the wind and rehitting balls until he was happy with his shot. But Barack Obama golfs like he governs, reports Time. The president—handicap somewhere between 16 and 24—never takes mulligans or gimme putts, rarely shows any excitement... More »

Timberlake Opens 'Green' Golf Course

First to receive Audobon certification

(Newser) - Justin Timberlake took his well-known passion for golf and channeled it into creating an eco-friendly course, the first in the nation to be dubbed an Audubon Classic Sanctuary, the Commercial Appeal reports. Mirimichi, located near Memphis, was a $16 million labor of love for the singer, who says that in... More »

Bad Career Move! Trump's Golf Cart Stolen

(Newser) - Donald Trump’s personal golf cart was stolen this morning, the first day of competition in a tournament at his Trump National Golf Club-Bedminster, the Newark Star-Ledger reports. It’s known around the course that cart No. 13 is reserved for Trump whenever he’s around, and it went missing—... More »

After Practice, Tiger Calls US Open Course 'Phenomenal'

(Newser) - Tiger Woods was the first golfer yesterday to play a practice round at Bethpage Black, the Long Island course which hosts this year’s US Open beginning Thursday, Newsday reports. “Obviously the golf course is phenomenal,” he said today. “It’s playing long this week. It’s... More »

World's Toughest Golf Hole: 3 Rugged Miles

NM hosts challenging extreme golf tournament

(Newser) - New Mexico’s ultimate golf challenge is a single, 50-foot wide hole. Sound like child’s play? Add a 2,550-foot mountain, rattlesnakes, and a 3-mile course. The Elfego Baca Shootout—a side event to the Socorro Open—requires golfers to finish with just one of 10 balls, hardly an... More »

Trump Files $100M Suit Over Golf Course

Mogul: city aims to 'stymie everything I do'

(Newser) - Donald Trump is taking his ongoing battle over a California golf course to court, the Los Angeles Times reports. Trump bought the course in Rancho Palos Verdes 6 years ago and wooed city officials by sprucing it up. Then came battles over land, ficus trees, and a street he wanted... More »

Trump Gets His Scottish Golf Resort

Environmental groups fume over government's decision

(Newser) - Donald Trump got the green light for his $1.6 billion Aberdeenshire golf resort yesterday, much to the chagrin of environmental groups, the Times of London reports. Though it was rejected by the Aberdeenshire council last year, First Minister Alex Salmond approved the project after a public inquiry. Salmond said... More »

Torrey Pines is a Beautiful Beast

Carefully planned US Open course might be tough, but it's fair

(Newser) - Torrey Pines Golf Course has been preparing for years to host the US Open, and all that care will make for a challenging but fair contest this week, writes the New York Times. The longest US Open course ever, Torrey South boasts three lengths of rough, poa annua greens, and... More »

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