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Netflix Introduces 5-Minute Bedtime Movies for Kids

The Dinotrux mini episodes feature favorite scenes of the animated show

(Newser) - Heeding the pleas of parents around the globe and across the ages who deal with cries of "Just five more minutes!" on a nightly basis, Netflix has introduced five-minute episodes of the popular kids DreamWorks TV show Dinotrux—cut down drastically from their typical 23 minutes. The reason?... More »

Caffeine at Night Does More Than Keep You Up Late

Scientists find that espresso 3 hours before bedtime delays the circadian clock

(Newser) - It's no news flash that consuming caffeine close to bedtime can interfere with sleep. But scientists at the University of Colorado Boulder report in the journal Science Translational Medicine that caffeine has another physiological impact on sleep by delaying the body's natural surge in the production of the... More »

Kids With Set Bedtimes Are Better Behaved

Not having a fixed bedtime is like having jetlag, say researchers

(Newser) - New research has uncovered one secret behind well-behaved kids: they have regular bedtimes. The study, published today in Pediatrics, asked parents and teachers to rank the behavior of more than 10,000 7-year-olds, finding those without a consistent bedtime were reported as more hyperactive and with more social and emotional... More »

Boy Calls 911 to Avoid Bedtime

Officer dispatched to tell him not to do that

(Newser) - Police in Massachusetts say a 10-year-old boy called 911 because he didn't want to go to bed. Brockton police say the boy called just after 8 last night and told the dispatcher he was calling to report his mother because he did not want to go to bed. There... More »

TV Zaps Americans' Sleep Time

Nearly half watch TV before bed

(Newser) - Feeling sleepy? Blame the glowing screen in your bedroom. Researchers studying sleep deprivation in the US say the boob tube is a likely cause, HealthDay News reports. Almost half of Americans say they watch TV right before bed, and that means natural sleep signals, like the dark sky and fatigue,... More »

Punditry for the Playgroup Set

Goodnight Bush parody 'brilliant,' though copyright might be an issue

(Newser) - The cover is a dead ringer for the bedtime classic, and the point of Goodnight Bush is equally recognizable. In authors' Erich Origen and Gan Golan’s re-purposing of Goodnight Moon, Dubya snuggles into bed wearing a “Mission Accomplished” flight suit, in the company of “war profiteers giving... More »

Become an Insomniac!

Follow these 6 steps for a night of tossing and turning (and not the fun kind)

(Newser) - Sleeping too well? Waking up with excessive energy and vigor? Embrace these common errors cataloged by Newsweek, and you'll be back to counting sheep in no time.
  1. Go to bed too early.
  2. Load up on electronics in the bedroom.
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