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This Is the World's Most Expensive Bed

The Vividus out of Sweden will set you back $150K

(Newser) - Back in 2006, one of the world's most reputable bed makers, Hästens out of Sweden, launched the Vividus, a bed that took 160 hours to build and came with an astonishing price tag of $112,900. Created to improve on the company's already exceptional mattresses, some of... More »

Trump's Sleep Preference Sets Him Apart on Campaign Trail

He almost always flies home to sleep in his own NYC bed

(Newser) - While other candidates have made Iowa their home away from home, spending the night in hotels and motels before America's first caucus, Donald Trump has taken a different approach. Trump flies home to Manhattan in one of his private planes or copters so he can snooze in his own... More »

You Probably Need to Wash Your Sheets Right Now

Here are some good, and also gross, reasons why

(Newser) - No one likes washing and changing their sheets, but what's the bare minimum you can get away with when freshening up your linens? University of Washington professor Dr. Marilyn Roberts tells Yahoo people should wash their sheets once per week "as long as there's no bodily secretions... More »

Guy Broke in Ex's House, Hid Under Bed for Days: Cops

Charged 4 cellphones while secretly squatting

(Newser) - You know that creepy feeling like something or someone might be lurking under your bed at night? Warning: This story will not mitigate that. Cops accuse Jason Hubbard, a New Jersey man who apparently didn't have a place to live, of breaking into the Spotswood home of his ex-girlfriend'... More »

$8K Smart Bed Can Stop Your Partner's Snores

And do lots of other stuff, too

(Newser) - The latest "smart" product? Your bed. Launched at this year’s Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, Sleep Number has rolled out a dual-mattress bed that does everything from tracking your sleeping habits to making your partner stop snoring. Called the x12, the $8,000 bed can reportedly track... More »

UK Holiday Inns Offer Human Bed-Warmers

Man in fleece suit will take off the chill for you

(Newser) - Do you love it when your bed has that already-slept-in feeling? Then Holiday Inn is the hotel for you, friend. The chain is testing human bed-warmers at three locations in England. Request the service, and “a willing staff-member” will don a one-piece fleece sleeper suit and slip between your... More »

Why It's Bad to Share a Bed

(Newser) - It may quash the cuddling time, but couples might want to consider sleeping in separate beds—for the good of their health, sleep experts tell the BBC. Bed sharers suffer 50% more sleep disturbances than those who sleep alone, according to one study. Such lousy slumber can lead to depression,... More »

Bunk Bed Injury Figures Rolled Out

Tumbling boys, young men most likely to land in ER, stats show

(Newser) - Bunk bed-related injuries have sent more than half a million young people to the hospital since 1990, WebMD reports. Ohio State University researchers found that boys and young men accounted for 61% of the ER visits. Cuts, bruises, and fractures were the most common injuries, with almost three-quarters of the... More »

Become an Insomniac!

Follow these 6 steps for a night of tossing and turning (and not the fun kind)

(Newser) - Sleeping too well? Waking up with excessive energy and vigor? Embrace these common errors cataloged by Newsweek, and you'll be back to counting sheep in no time.
  1. Go to bed too early.
  2. Load up on electronics in the bedroom.
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