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GE: Say Goodbye to CFLs, Hello to LEDs

Company is phasing out curly compact fluorescents

(Newser) - Valentine's Day is just a couple of weeks away, but there's a big split making headlines. "GE is breaking up with compact fluorescent lamps" is how General Electric broke the news in a Monday release on its latest development: It will phase out compact fluorescent lights, or... More »

4 Products Going the Way of the Dodo

Bar soap, antiperspirant spray wane in popularity

(Newser) - Another casualty of the recession could be your favorite deodorant: As consumers flock toward store brands and stores in turn look to downsize, the result is the death of some of America's best-known consumer products, the Minneapolis Star-Tribune reports. "As we shrink the size of stores, a number... More »

'Green' Bulbs Release Toxins, Carginogens

They should not be used near head, says new report out of Germany

(Newser) - Paging Stephen Colbert : There's apparently a new reason to be wary of energy-saving lightbulbs. In a new report, scientists in Germany warn that compact fluorescent lamps (CFLs) emit carcinogenic chemicals and toxins—including phenol, naphthalene, and styrene—when turned on, resulting in what one scientists describes as "... More »

Euro Bulb Ban Begins, But Many Take Dim View of CFLs

Consumers stockpile aesthetically pleasing old-school bulbs

(Newser) - Though proponents plug the financial savings and good climate karma of compact fluorescent light bulbs, not everyone thinks the European ban on most incandescent bulbs that kicks in tomorrow is such a bright idea, the New York Times reports. Consumers across the continent are hoarding old-school bulbs, worried over the... More »

Bills Planning to Shuffle off to...Toronto?

Buffalo team seeks bigger share of Canada football market

(Newser) - The Bills have announced that they intend to play pre-season games and at least one regular-season match in nearby Toronto as early as 2009. The move, intended to capture more of the Toronto market, may presage an eventual move, which the team denies. Buffalo has yet to secure approval from... More »

Vick Can’t Play in Canada, Either

CFL rule blocks signing other leagues' suspended players

(Newser) - If Michael Vick is suspended from the NFL as expected, he shouldn’t expect to find asylum in Canada. The CFL recently amended its rules to forbid signing a player under suspension in another league, the Toronto Star reports—a reaction to the Ricky Williams flap, not Vick's case. The... More »

6 Stories