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Teacher's Arm-Wrestling Contest Ends Very Badly

For the student and for Zach Larkin, who is being sued

(Newser) - Zach Larkin may have initially emerged the winner of an arm-wrestling contest, but the glory was very, very short-lived. The popular Orange County, Calif., high school teacher faces a civil suit over the June 2013 contest—during which he broke a 17-year-old student's arm. Court documents filed Monday allege... More »

Arm Wrestler Loses, Goes on Rampage

Fla. man attempts to run people over, pulls gun on rival

(Newser) - Some people just can't take the emotional devastation that is losing an arm-wrestling match: South Florida cops say 25-year-old Erick Lee Blanton lost to a stronger opponent, then proceeded to flip out, jumping in his pickup, smashing a mailbox, and attempting to run down several people. For an encore, reports... More »

Arm Wrestling Game Breaks Japanese Arms

After three fractures, company blames "overexcited" players

(Newser) - Atlus Co. will remove all 150 of its "Arm Spirit" arm wrestling games from Japanese arcades after three broken arms have been reported. The company claims the recall is only a precaution, insisting that the machine isn't really that strong. "Even women should be able to beat it,... More »

3 Stories