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Backward 'Brain Drain' Calls Indians Home From US

Economy exerts pull on well-educated thirtysomethings

(Newser) - While much of the world suffers economic meltdown, India’s economy is comparatively healthy—and that may be reversing a longstanding “brain drain” of Indians to American shores, Sandip Roy reports for NPR. “It’s the hottest topic at potluck dinners all over Silicon Valley—which friend or... More »

Booming India Sees 'Brain Gain'

Expats return home to enjoy new economy

(Newser) - India's educated are no longer rushing to the West for big bucks and a better lifestyle, the Guardian reports. More university grads are refusing to emigrate and many expats are returning home—a trend experts are dubbing "brain gain." One Indian, formerly in London, said he would "... More »

US Visa Logjam Triggers Reverse Brain Drain

Thousands of skilled workers wait for documents

(Newser) - Just as the US tightens immigration controls, a huge backlog in processing visas for legal migrants is causing a "reverse brain drain," forcing sought-after scientists, engineers, doctors and entrepreneurs to return to their home countries, according to a report released yesterday. One million would-be immigrants are competing for... More »

3 Stories