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Is Palin Seeking Job on LinkedIn?

Poster's also open to 'business deals'

(Newser) - Guess who's joined LinkedIn and is eager for gainful employment? A poster identified as always-surprising GOP rogue Sarah Palin is actively seeking "job inquiries" on the Internet network for professionals. Anyone interested can peruse the posted resume, which touts "Governor, State of Alaska" as the most recent gig.... More »

McCain's Web Connection Slow to Load

Obama's 'stunning' online operation illustrates digital divide

(Newser) - Barack Obama, 46, is a known BlackBerry addict; John McCain, 71, has admitted he's a computer "illiterate." Needless to say, there’s a gulf between their online campaign operations. “It’s the difference between a horse and buggy and a NASA space ship,” one analyst tells... More »

Lieberman Campaign, Not Opponents, Crashed Site

Site was 'overutilized and misconfigured'

(Newser) - The FBI found accusations by Joe Lieberman’s campaign that challenger Ned Lamont’s supporters crashed the Connecticut Senator’s Web site on primary eve in 2006 to be unfounded, reports the Stamford Advocate after obtaining federal documents. Instead, it was probably Lieberman’s camp itself that brought down a... More »

Candidates Still Figuring Out Web Ads

Romney banner appears on in latest of many snafus in '08 race

(Newser) - Politicians have decades of experience putting ads on television, but they haven’t figured out this Internet thing, the New York Times says. Thanks to ad networks, banners are showing up in embarrassing places – Mitt Romney accidentally advertised on – making politicians look like blunderers. “Corporate... More »

Estonia Attack Prompts Cyber Security Blitz

Experts from all over studying how to soup up digital security

(Newser) - In the wake of what some are calling the first digital act of war—when hackers using as many as a million computers attacked Estonia's  web-based infrastructure—cyber security experts from all over Europe and the US are huddling to study how to prevent future disasters, reports the New York ... More »

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