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Your Pilot May Not Remember How to Fly a Plane

Feds warn about skills fading away as automation takes over

(Newser) - Where's Ted Striker when you need him? Probably not at the helm of a commercial flight, according to a new Department of Transportation report . It finds that automation has driven manual flying mostly out of the cockpit, leading to concerns that pilots may not be getting enough training to... More »

Leaked ISIS Doc Shows 'Deeply Calculating Organization'

24-page manual outlines setup of self-sufficient state, chilling recruitment of kids

(Newser) - If some remain unconvinced that ISIS wants to actually put the "State" in Islamic State, a leaked document obtained by the Guardian lends further proof that is indeed the case. The paper notes that it got its hands on an internal ISIS manual entitled "Principles in the Administration... More »

Allen West Slams Muslim-Friendly FBI Manual Edits

Says purging of references puts us on road to 'cultural suicide'

(Newser) - The FBI's purging of Islamaphobic references from its training manual puts us on the road to "cultural suicide," according to Florida Rep. Allen West. "We have to understand when tolerance becomes a one-way street, it will lead to cultural suicide," he said on Fox News,... More »

How to Shut Protesters Up: A White House Guidebook

ACLU lawsuit forces release of manual

(Newser) - A lawsuit sparked by two protesters wearing anti-Bush T-shirts has forced the White House to reveal its guidebook on dealing with dissenters, the Washington Post reports. The manual calls for a "protest area" separate from event sites and roaming "rally squads" to drown out demonstrators who infiltrate the... More »

4 Stories