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Parents Freak When They Get Son's $110K Google Bill

Spanish boy signed up for wrong advertising program

(Newser) - If you're going to try to monetize yourself online, make sure you carefully read the fine print. Or ask your mom or dad, as a 12-year-old boy in Spain should've done; instead, he mistakenly racked up a $110,000 or so Google bill. NBC News reports on the... More »

Google Launches Credit Card

But it's only being offered to ad clients ... who can only use it to buy advertising

(Newser) - Google is launching a credit card ... but don't go making space in your wallet just yet. The card will only be issued to its advertising customers, a move Google hopes will help it keep its edge as the online ad market heats up, Reuters reports. The AdWords Business card... More »

Google Beefs Up Services for Nonprofits

US nonprofits offered free ads, services

(Newser) - Google has launched a new and improved version of its one-stop shop for US-based nonprofit organizations. The search colossus is offering approved nonprofits free or discounted use of Google Apps, access to premium services, and grants of up to $10,000 a month in free advertising on Google AdWords, reports... More »

Advertisers Will Soon Be Facebooking You, Too

Social-networking site to allow targeted ads based on user profiles

(Newser) - Facebook is at work on a way to sell ads based on information users and their friends post on the site, the Wall Street Journal reports. A basic version of the service could launch this fall, and the social-networking titan eventually might allow marketers to predict products and services users... More »

4 Stories