Des Moines River

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Storms, Floods Shake Midwest

Death toll rises, heavy rains continue

(Newser) - Powerful thunderstorms, humidity, and sky-high temperatures are making the flooding situation in the Midwest even stickier. The death toll has climbed to 17, and businesses and infrastructure have taken a big hit. Meanwhile, residents are returning home in droves as floodwaters abate, only to find that the electricity is out... More »

More Flooding Ravages Midwest

Ohio governor declares state of emergency as waters rise

(Newser) - Ohio towns were turned into lakes as some of the worst flooding in a century spread across the Midwest yesterday, displacing hundreds of people, reports the AP. Locals in the town on Findlay, Ohio, not far from the Indiana border, navigated the submerged streets in canoes as firefighters and volunteers... More »

2 Stories