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Yet Another Reason Not to Snack at Night

When we eat impacts certain skin genes

(Newser) - Eating when we should be sleeping could disrupt our skin's ability to protect itself from the sun's harmful rays, researchers now say. Specifically, per a ScienceDaily news release, noshing down late at night can mess with the skin's biological clock, which in turn can affect the effectiveness... More »

Boys So Sunburned at Daycare They're Airlifted to Hospital

Daycare shut its doors yesterday while Oklahoma investigates

(Newser) - A northeast Oklahoma daycare shut its doors yesterday after a mother reported her two young sons were severely sunburned during an outing to a water park. Happiness Is a Learning Center daycare in Vinita agreed to cease operations while the state Department of Human Services and police investigate, says DHS... More »

Surgeon General: Quit Tanning Now

Country's top doctor says skin cancer is 'major public health problem'

(Newser) - Your doctor, your mom, and your shade-obsessed friends have probably all told you already about the dangers of suntanning—and now the surgeon general is jumping on the anti-bronzing bandwagon for the first time. Boris Lushniak today called skin cancer a “major public health problem,” and pointed a... More »

To Avoid Sunburn, Whales Get a Tan

Scientists take first look at how they deal with sun damage

(Newser) - Researchers have found an unusual way in which whales and humans are similar: we both get suntans. Blue whales, especially, tend to tan to protect themselves from the sun's UV rays, reports the Canadian Press . Essentially, they tan during their summer migrations to ward off dangerous sunburns, as a... More »

Many Schools, Camps Ban ... Sunscreen

Because it's an over-the-counter drug

(Newser) - This week, a Washington state mom made headlines when she blogged about her kids' terrible sunburns after school; the girls hadn't been offered sunscreen during a field trip. Turns out that anti-sunscreen policies are everywhere, USA Today reports. That's in large part because of regulations barring children from... More »

Sunscreen Pill In the Works

Coral yields compound that prevents UV damage

(Newser) - Coral from Australia's Great Barrier Reef has yielded a compound that could put a lot of sunscreen makers out of business. Researchers discovered that algae living in the coral created a compound that acts as a sunscreen to protect both the algae and the coral from the sun's... More »

Wine: a Sunburn Preventative?

Flavonoids contained in grapes are beneficial: study

(Newser) - More good news for oenophiles: A new study shows that drinking wine might protect you from sunburn, or at least that's the Telegraph's take. Flavonoids contained in grapes can halt the chemical reaction that causes cell death and skin damage when UV rays hit the skin, Spanish scientists... More »

Whales Face 'Serious' Sunburn Threat

Depleted ozone may be risk for already-endangered animals

(Newser) - Whales off the coast of Mexico seem to be getting bad sunburns, and scientists say ozone damage may be why. To survive, whales have to spend long periods on the ocean’s surface, and without clothes, fur, or feathers, they’re basically “sunbathing naked,” the AP notes. The... More »

Hippo Sweat Key to Phat Sunscreen

Researchers aim to harness properties of hippo secretions for human use

(Newser) - Scientists puzzling over how hippos can loll around in the sun all day without getting burned believe they may have hit upon the next big thing in sunscreen, Discovery News reports. The animals secrete a substance that protects them from burns by scattering light. Researchers hope to someday recreate the... More »

Burning Fans Revolt as Yanks Ban Sunscreen

Security policy greeted with outrage that causes instant reversal

(Newser) - Yankee Stadium’s upper deck has been burning with resentment, the New York Post reports, over a newly expanded ban on sunscreen. Stadium security has taken to confiscating bottles of all shapes and sizes recently, a crackdown that came into focus during the weekend heat wave. “I need my... More »

Many Sunscreens Don't Work

An environmental research group says most sunscreens don't protect adequately

(Newser) - That sunscreen you slather on this holiday weekend may be worthless at protecting you from sun damage, an environmental research group claims, and may contain unsafe chemicals. Of 900 sunscreens tested, only 15% met the group's criteria for safety and effectiveness by providing broad-spectrum protection (from both UVA and UVB... More »

5 Potions for Sun Worshipers

These UV-blocking products go beyond protection

(Newser) - With summer upon us, Vogue offers five suggestions for skin care products that also protect from the sun:
  • Freeze 24-7 Ice Shield Facial Cleanser: With an SPF 15 rating, it offers decent protection from incidental exposure. $48.
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Broccoli Blocks Skin Cancer

Veggie extract activates carcinogen-fighting abilities

(Newser) - Green may be the new white, at least in sun protection. A green smear of broccoli extract  prevents cancer-causing damage from ultraviolet light—not by blocking the rays, but by activating  the skin’s natural cancer-fighting abilities, a new study finds. One advantage: Unlike conventional sunscreen, broccoli doesn't  keep the... More »

FDA Eyes New Sunscreen Labels

Labels would include cancer warning and a rating system

(Newser) - The FDA is proposing new regulations for sunscreen labels, added a rating for protection from skin cancer as well as sunburn. Current sunscreen ratings for SPF—sun protection factor—cover only ultraviolet "B" rays, which cause sunburn. The FDA wants to start testing and rating products for ultraviolet "... More »

Tips for Beating the Heat

Ten ways to keep the sun from getting you down

(Newser) - Everyone needs a little vitamin D, but sunburn (or, worse, heatstroke) is no fun. Protect yourself and your family with these tips from MSNBC:
  1. Drink up! Plan on 1 gallon of water per person per day.
  2. Smear on the sunblock and slap on a hat.
  3. Wear breathable fabrics, like cotton
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