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Loophole Lets Candidate Run for Congress in 4 States

Allan Levene realized that legal-residency requirement doesn't apply to primaries

(Newser) - Allan Levene is running for Congress in his home state of Georgia, but if he loses in the Republican primary in May, he's got a Plan B, a Plan C, and a Plan D. As Fox News explains, Levene is actually on the ballot for congressional seats in four... More »

See the Year's Most Memorable Campaign Ad

It's a shark metaphor, explains Minneapolis candidate Jeff Wagner

(Newser) - At Political Wire , Taegan Goddard calls this the "best political ad of the year." Even if you disagree, you have to give Minneapolis mayoral candidate Jeff Wagner credit for making a name for himself. That'll happen when you emerge half-naked from a lake with a coffee mug,... More »

Hot, Superficial GOPers Scorch Ugly, Old Dems

Americans don't want a 'no-drama' government

(Newser) - Christine O'Donnell, Sarah Palin, Michele Bachmann, and Nikki Haley: This is not your daddy's Republican party anymore—it's the party of the hot mama grizzly, writes Tom Junod for Esquire . It might be a rather superficial conclusion, but "the Democratic Party is boring. And its women are either old... More »

Senate Candidate Lied About Navy Award

Rep. Mark Kirk fixes his official bio

(Newser) - These are dangerous times for politicians with war records on their resumes. Republican congressman Mark Kirk of Illinois—a Senate candidate for President Obama's old seat—has admitted that his official bio was wrong in declaring that the Navy once gave him the prestigious Intelligence Officer of the Year Award.... More »

Minn. Gov. Candidate Wants to Nullify Federal Laws

Emmer embodies GOP's rightward shift

(Newser) - Meet Tom Emmer, the Republican candidate for Minnesota governor. Emmer, a state legislator, enjoys the backing of incumbent Tim Pawlenty but is philosophically far right of the current governor: Emmer is an avowed "Tenther" who believes the Tenth Amendment gives states the right to nullify federal laws, TPM reports.... More »

Tea Party Could Doom GOP in November

If they run candidates, Democrats will win: Quinnipiac

(Newser) - Just 13% of Americans self-identify as members of the Tea Party movement, but a new Quinnipiac poll shows they may well hold the key to the 2010 midterm elections. Respondents say they would vote for a Republican over a Democrat by 44% to 39%. But if a Tea Party candidate... More »

Conservatives to GOP: Get Out of Our Way

Upstate New York candidate wants liberal Republicans to sweat

(Newser) - The conservatives' newest rising star has no qualms about his congressional race turning into a referendum on the GOP. "The establishment Republicans are beginning to panic," writes Doug Hoffman. They're worried that a victory by a true conservative like himself will hurt the party's political strength. But Hoffman—... More »

2010 a Toss-Up as Indies Flee the Dems

But trend and dismal 21% approval of Congress could spell Dem's demise

(Newser) - The sizable lead among registered voters Democrats have maintained since the 2006 midterm elections has eroded to almost nothing. In the latest Gallup poll, Dems have just a 2-point advantage over Republicans going into the 2010 midterms, 46% to 44%, well within the sampling error. That’s down from a... More »

Condi: Want a Terror Attack? Abandon Afghanistan

She says liberals are wrong about wanting to pull out

(Newser) - If the GOP is serious about overcoming its current status as the party of naysayers and talk-show cranks, it should try to get Condoleezza Rice back in the game, writes Nina Easton for Fortune. At a recent women's summit, Rice earned a standing ovation from a diverse crowd after proving... More »

Philly Voters, Do You Know Where Your DA Candidate Is?

Check his site: He's got an ankle monitor

(Newser) - Would-be Philadelphia District Attorney Michael Untermeyer has outfitted himself with a stylish new accessory—an electronic ankle monitor, of the kind he’d like to slap on the city’s criminals, the Philadelphia Inquirer reports. For the next 30 days, curious voters will be able to keep tabs on him... More »

Dems' 'Monopoly' Helps GOP Hopefuls Raise Cash

(Newser) - As the 2010 election nears, GOP senatorial candidates are seeing a bump in campaign donations, the Washington Post reports. FEC filings show that in Florida, for instance, Charlie Crist pulled in $4.3 million in the second quarter, almost 4 times as much as his leading Democratic rival. Roy Blunt... More »

How Palin Can Get the 2012 Nod

Leave Alaska, grab a good staff, and be yourself

(Newser) - Don’t write off Sarah Palin as the 2012 Republican nominee: Roger Simon says she’s got what it takes to get there, with a little fine-tuning. He offers her seven steps in Politico:
  • Leave Alaska behind. Don’t run for governor in 2010; instead, hang out in the Lower
... More »

Seeking Talks, US May Allow Taliban Political Party

Some could run for office, but power-sharing impossible: diplomat

(Newser) - In an effort to establish a dialogue with the Taliban, the US may allow the militant group to create a political party or be represented by election candidates, the Guardian reports. Other options include removing Taliban leaders from UN blacklists, releasing prisoners, and revising Afghanistan’s constitution. But there’s... More »

Treasury Pick Withdraws After Vetting 'Issue'

Cohen, tabbed as deputy, is third to pull out in less than a week

(Newser) - Staffing the Treasury Department is proving to be a pickle for the Obama administration, with the third candidate in less than a week withdrawing from consideration today, ABC News reports. H. Rodgin Cohen, a partner with law firm Sullivan & Cromwell, was considered the top choice for Deputy Treasury Secretary... More »

This Time, Iraq Gets Politics With Its Elections

Stability gives candidates chance to compete more in Western democratic style

(Newser) - If Iraq’s tumultuous 2005 elections were a trial run at democracy, the current provincial race has main-event flavor, the Washington Post reports. Greater stability has allowed town-hall gatherings, where voters grill some 14,000 candidates running for 440 seats on everything from housing to militarization. And campaign posters, T-shirts... More »

Obama Inspires Young Black Pols to Take Risks for 2010

Candidates to abandon sure wins for ambitious positions

(Newser) - Young black politicians inspired by Barack Obama’s astonishingly quick ascent are pursuing riskier, more ambitious strategies for the 2010 elections, Chris Cillizza writes in the Washington Post. Florida Rep. Kendrick Meek, for example, a 42-year-old African-American, is running for the Senate seat being vacated by Mel Martinez, though Meek... More »

If You Don't Know Who This Is, Don't Vote

Uninformed citizens should stay home, unpopular as the sentiment might be

(Newser) - Countless actors, musicians and other celebrities have volunteered their time encouraging young people to vote. But should they? ABC News anchor John Stossel quizzed voters on basic political knowledge at a registration-drive concert and in the nation’s capital. A shockingly high number of uninformed answers led Stossel to the... More »

Black Politicians' Rise Signals Changing Electorate

More white voters may be growing comfortable with black officials

(Newser) - A change in the electorate may be under way as a growing number of blacks are winning local elections nationwide—more and more often across color lines, the New York Times reports. Some 16% of black legislators represented mainly white districts in 2001; by 2007, that figure had nearly doubled.... More »

Evangelical Dobson Softens on McCain

Given Obama 'threat,' Republican appears to be lesser of two evils

(Newser) - James Dobson still won’t formally endorse John McCain, but the evangelical leader voiced support for the Republican candidate in a radio broadcast today, the AP reports. “Barack Obama contradicts and threatens everything I believe about the institution of the family and what is best for the nation,”... More »

Anchorage Mayor to Run for Ted Stevens' Senate Seat

40-year veteran faces corruption probe

(Newser) - The Democratic mayor of Anchorage will throw his hat in the ring today for the Alaska Senate seat Ted Stevens has held for 4 decades, the Anchorage Daily News reports. Stevens, one of the Senate's most notorious pork producers, has been reelected easily 7 times, but is now under federal... More »

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