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Cause of Woman's Stomach Pain Leaves Doctors 'Dumbfounded'

Dental wire pierced woman's intestine after years lodged in body

(Newser) - If you've worn braces, you know it's a pain when orthopedic wires poke into your gums. As an Australian woman can attest, it's no fun when they pierce the small intestine, either. Doctors initially cited a gallbladder issue when the 30-year-old arrived at a hospital in Western... More »

Target Recalls Easter Toys That Could Expand in Kids' Stomachs

CPSC issues pullback of 560K 'Hatch & Grow Easter Eggs'

(Newser) - No injuries have been reported yet, but some parents will have to alter their gift-giving plans after Target pulled back more than half a million Easter toys it says could be hazardous and even life-threatening for kids, NBC News reports. A Consumer Product Safety Commission "Fast Track" recall was... More »

Husband's Entrails Found in Woman's Checked Bag

Legally, it turns out

(Newser) - On Sept. 8, a 35-year-old Moroccan woman's bag was randomly checked upon her arrival in Graz, Austria. What was inside was "absolutely secure, triple wrapped, according to European Union norms," per a pathologist. Yes, pathologist: The New York Times reports the woman was carrying a four-inch piece... More »

How School Teaches Science: Jump-Roping With Cat Intestines

Though Texas district says it'll change lesson plan after anatomy class video went viral

(Newser) - A "concerned whistleblower" blew long and hard by sending a video to PETA that showed a Texas high school class jumping rope with cat intestines—but the school district says it was all part of a lesson plan that wasn't meant to be cruel to animals, per KENS... More »

Alarming Birth Defect Rises Sharply in Past 20 Years

About 2K babies are now born with gastroschisis every year

(Newser) - It's a birth defect the Los Angeles Times calls "bizarre": gastroschisis, where the intestines (and sometimes other organs) protrude out of a hole in the abdominal wall. And in its weekly "Morbidity and Mortality" report, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention sounds an alarm. The prevalence... More »

After Mom Rushes Kid to ER, Strangers Swarm, Save Car

Women respond to Facebook plea, feed meter, offer coffee and moral support

(Newser) - When ultrasounds and X-rays revealed the cause of her 6-week-old son's two-hour screaming fits, Kaylee Goemans was told to get baby Dominic to the ER immediately to treat a loop in his bowels filled with air and fluid. But the mom of three, who'd lost her job when... More »

New Cure for Terrible Diarrhea: Frozen Poop Pills

Now available frozen

(Newser) - Might want to put down your sandwich while you read this one: Clostridium difficile, an infection of the intestines associated with terrible cases of diarrhea, is linked to some 14,000 American deaths each year. But researchers have found a promising treatment in the form of fecal transplants , in which... More »

Simple Test May Help Diagnose Autism Early

Stomach microbes could signal onset at 6 months old

(Newser) - Children with and without autism show marked differences in the makeup of their intestinal bacteria, and a simple urine test may help doctors diagnose the condition in children as young as 6 months old. Children typically aren't diagnosed until they're 2, delaying the start of intervention and other treatments. With... More »

Gut Bacteria Can Make You Fat

Unhealthy diet encourages efficient micro-organisms

(Newser) - Eating junk food may do a double whammy on your waistline: In addition to the calorie influx, high-fat foods alter intestinal bacteria, actually making it easier to get fat. Obese mice in a new study had significantly more of a specific type of bacteria, Firmicutes, that easily convert food into... More »

Bypass Surgery Looks More and More Like Diabetes Cure

No one knows why, but docs are embracing bypass as a cure

(Newser) - Just why it works is still murky, but the connection between gastric bypass surgery and the reduction—or even elimination—of diabetes is so strong that some doctors are suggesting it as a treatment. “We may have a cure for diabetes,” one tells the Los Angeles Times. While... More »

Waterboarding Isn't Easier 2nd Time, or 183rd

Turns out the body never gets used to simulated drowning

(Newser) - Like many other forms of torture, waterboarding doesn’t get any easier with repeated exposure. After multiple sessions of the simulated drowning technique, accused al-Qaeda plotters Khalid Sheikh Mohammed and Abu Zubaydah would at best have been able to slightly modify their response, explains Brian Palmer in Slate. The experience... More »

Colonoscopies Often Miss Dangerous Lesions: Study

Flat irregularities more dangerous than polyps

(Newser) - Doctors searching for polyps during a colonoscopy need to focus more on flat or depressed lesions, the New York Times reports, which are more likely to grow into cancer—and more common in the US than previously thought, a study finds. Polyps, which protrude from intestinal lining, are easier to... More »

Stomach Bug Linked to Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

Virus found in 80% of sufferers

(Newser) - Researchers seeking the cause of chronic fatigue syndrome have linked a group of intestinal viruses to the disease, according to a new study. About 80% of patients with the syndrome showed signs of enterovirus gut infections, compared to only about 20% of otherwise healthy volunteers. "It opens up a... More »

Weight-Loss Surgery Can End Diabetes

Intestinal rerouting works miracles, but science still debated

(Newser) - Surgery that shrinks stomachs and reroutes intestines can make diabetes disappear—but some worry the procedure is the wrong one for the disease. More than three of four diabetics who undergo bariatric surgery are left with no symptoms, and can even live without insulin. But docs are concerned about complications... More »

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