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He Went in for the Flu. He Lost His Feet and Fingers

Texas dad Brian Herndon developed pneumonia as well as influenza and went into septic shock

(Newser) - "One minute you've got the flu and the next minute you're septic." That's the message from a Texas man who lost both of his feet and nearly all of his fingers after coming down last month with the illness, per WFAA . As flu season continues... More »

ER Doctors Are Sick of Hearing the Term 'Dry Drowning'

They say media reports 'unduly alarm' parents

(Newser) - There have been many reports lately about so-called "dry drowning," "delayed drowning," or "secondary drowning," like when a boy in Texas died several days after swimming last month. But many experts, including emergency room doctors, the World Health Organization , the Red Cross, and the... More »

A Dying Boy Needed Antibiotics; Mom Gave Him Tea: Prosecutors

Tamara Lovett accused in death of 7-year-old son

(Newser) - For 10 days, 7-year-old Ryan Alexander Lovett laid in bed while his mother fed him dandelion tea and oil of oregano. He died as a result, according to prosecutors. In a trial that began Monday in Calgary, Alberta, prosecutors accuse Tamara Lovett, 47, of failing to provide the "necessaries... More »

Clinton Thought About 'Catastrophic' Issue While Sick

She had lots of reflection time while recovering from pneumonia

(Newser) - Hillary Clinton returned to the campaign trail Thursday, portraying her doctor-ordered rest to recover from pneumonia as a campaign reboot. "It's great to be back on the campaign trail," she said as she took the stage at a rally in Greensboro, NC, while James Brown's "... More »

'Healthy and Fit' Clinton Releases Letter From Doctor

Experts say it shows normal vitals and a well candidate

(Newser) - While Donald Trump did his Dr. Oz thing , Hillary Clinton's doctor released a letter hoping to clear up this whole pneumonia brouhaha . CBS News reports Dr. Lisa Bardack diagnosed Clinton with pneumonia last Friday. Two days later, Clinton was seen stumbling while leaving a Sept. 11 memorial, kicking off... More »

Clinton: I Didn't Think Diagnosis Was a Big Deal

She expects to be back on campaign trail this week

(Newser) - Hillary Clinton spoke to CNN Monday night and tried to tamp down any concerns over her health. She said she's feeling "much better" and hoped to be back on the campaign trail "in the next couple of days," per Reuters . Her campaign has taken flak for... More »

Clinton Campaign: We'll Release More Medical Records

'We could have handled it better'

(Newser) - Hillary Clinton's campaign is scrambling to head off lasting damage from her brutal weekend, with aides promising to release more of her medical records following her bout of pneumonia and conceding they were too slow in providing information about her condition, the AP reports. Clinton abruptly left a 9/11... More »

Just How Bad Will This Get for Hillary Clinton?

One view says she's now 'unelectable,' another 'tough as hell'

(Newser) - Is Hillary Clinton's pneumonia a game-changer or a momentary blip in an already bizarre election year? Well, who knows, but here are some interesting reads on the topic:
  • The optics of a potential commander-in-chief falling ill at the 9/11 memorial couldn't be worse, writes Dilbert creator Scott Adams.
... More »

Clinton's Health Just Became a Huge Campaign Issue

She cancels California events after diagnosis of pneumonia

(Newser) - Concerns about Hillary Clinton's health have gone from conspiracy theory to what analysts are calling a major campaign issue. After she abruptly left a 9/11 memorial event early Sunday, her doctor disclosed that she had been diagnosed with pneumonia on Friday and was advised to rest. The campaign now... More »

Hillary Clinton Has Pneumonia

Doctor discloses news after she abruptly leaves 9/11 event

(Newser) - Hillary Clinton abruptly left a 9/11 anniversary ceremony Sunday after feeling "overheated," according to her campaign, and hours later her doctor disclosed that the Democratic presidential nominee had pneumonia, the AP reports. A video showed Clinton slumping and being held up by three people as she was helped... More »

Here's What Killed Bobbi Kristina Brown

Drugs, water a factor in pneumonia death

(Newser) - Bobbi Kristina Brown died as a result of having her face immersed in water, along with drug intoxication, though the official cause of death is pneumonia caused by those factors, according to a freshly unsealed autopsy report. The document—released by the Fulton County Medical Examiner's Office on Friday,... More »

Michael Moore Tweets From Bed in the ICU

He's laid up with pneumonia

(Newser) - Michael Moore has been a busy man lately, taking on the Flint water crisis , promoting his upcoming movie Where to Invade Next , and even stumping for Bernie Sanders . But there's been a temporary setback: The filmmaker has been in the ICU with pneumonia since Sunday night, the Detroit Free ... More »

Flint's New Water Nightmare: Legionnaires' Outbreak

Spike in disease could be tied to tainted water

(Newser) - Michigan Gov. Rick Snyder announced a new development Wednesday in Flint's water crisis that "just adds to the disaster we are already facing": specifically, a marked increase in cases of Legionnaires' disease that could be linked to the area's tainted water, reports the Detroit Free Press . From... More »

Founding Father of Singapore Dead at 91

Authoritarian Lee Kuan Yew was feared and respected

(Newser) - Lee Kuan Yew, the founder of modern Singapore who helped transform the sleepy port into one of the world's richest nations, died today, the government says. He was 91. Lee was admitted to Singapore General Hospital on Feb. 5 for severe pneumonia and was later put on life support.... More »

The Grim Way That H7N9 Kills

Deadly bird flu causes pneumonia, sepsis, respiratory distress

(Newser) - The H7N9 bird flu—which now has infected 38 people and claimed 10 lives in China—kills in a grim fashion. A new report published yesterday on three of the victims describes a high fever, cough, severe pneumonia, septic shock, and damage to the brain, kidney, and other organs, reports... More »

To Ward Off Winter Sniffles, Drink Beer?

Chemical in hops fights off virus ... if you drink a ton of it: study

(Newser) - The good news: Beer can actually fight off a virus that causes pneumonia. The bad news: The virus hits those not yet of drinking age the hardest ... and they'd have to down five six-packs to reap the benefits. Citing a study by Sapporo Medical University, Japan's Sapporo Breweries... More »

I Was 'Touch and Go' With Pneumonia: George Michael

Singer says he had tracheotomy in Austria hospital

(Newser) - Pop icon George Michael opened up about his month-long bout of pneumonia and revealed it was nearly fatal, the Sun reports. "Well, I would say it was touch and go for a couple of weeks," the singer said outside his London mansion Friday, breaking into tears. "We... More »

Jack Kevorkian Hospitalized for Kidney Trouble

Enters hospital for second time in weeks

(Newser) - Assisted suicide advocate Jack Kevorkian is hospitalized with a kidney problem and pneumonia, the Detroit Free Press reports. It’s the second time in a matter of weeks that the kidney ailment has led to hospitalization. “Last night things flared up and we took him in,” his lawyer... More »

Mold May Have Killed Brittany

...and Simon Monjack, too

(Newser) - It was eerie enough when Simon Monjack died just a few months after his wife, Brittany Murphy—it was even eerier when it was reported he died of the exact same cause, pneumonia. Now officials believe mold in their home may have contributed to their deaths, law enforcement sources tell... More »

Swine Flu Not Gone Yet

US is 'not at all out of the woods,' CDC chief says

(Newser) - H1N1 continues to spread, albeit at a subdued pace. The chances of a third outbreak this season seem slight, but even though swine flu is not mounting a major offensive, it seems unusually resilient—most influenza outbreaks would've dissipated by now. Deaths from pneumonia and influenza are up, for the... More »

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