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Drug Costs $3, Is OTC, and Could Save 30K Lives a Year

Tranexamic acid could save one-third of moms suffering from postpartum bleeding

(Newser) - Each year, more than 100,000 women around the world die from hemorrhaging after giving birth, mainly in underdeveloped nations. But the Guardian reports a cheap, safe drug that's been used for other conditions may be able to reduce that number, to the tune of 30,000 lives saved... More »

After New Mom's Death, Jehovah's Witnesses Take Heat

Eloise Dupuis, 27, died of a hemorrhage after she refused blood transfusion

(Newser) - Jehovah's Witnesses are defending their ban on blood transfusions after the death of a new mom in Quebec this month. Family members of Eloise Dupuis, 27, say she was influenced to decline a potentially lifesaving blood transfusion after a bedside visit by a "hospital liaison committee" of Jehovah'... More »

Tourniquets in Every School? Many Now Say Yes

Obama and health care professionals say the simple devices could save many

(Newser) - The US military knows firsthand the effectiveness of a relatively simple tool in saving lives—the tourniquet. Consider the eye-opening stat in one military study that 90% of those who died from a potentially survivable wound did so specifically from "uncontrolled blood loss," notes the Atlantic . Its use... More »

Cop May Have Caused Death at G20 Protest

(Newser) - A second autopsy of the man who died during recent G20 protests in London revealed that abdominal bleeding, not a heart attack, killed him, the New York Times reports. The follow-up by a board looking into police misconduct did not specify what caused the bleeding. But Ian Tomlinson was filmed... More »

Senator, on the Mend, Returns to SD

Recovering after brain hemorrhage, Johnson to get back to work

(Newser) - Tim Johnson will be back in the Senate next week, and yesterday he returned to South Dakota to declare, "I am back!" What's more, in a series of interviews during his recovery from the brain hemorrhage that threw the control of the Senate into question, he told ABC's... More »

Brain Implant Shows Promise for Stroke Victims

Electrical stimulations helps organ rewire itself

(Newser) - Stroke patients have shown lasting, "extremely promising" results, even years after suffering a brain hemorrhage, from an experimental therapy that electrically stimulates the brain. The currents help the organ rewire itself to take over for stroke-damaged sections, Newsweek reports, and study participants have improved significantly beyond what they could... More »

6 Stories