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'Happy Birthday' May Finally Belong to All

Warner Music agrees to pay $14M in proposed settlement

(Newser) - "Happy Birthday to You" will finally be in the public domain if a proposed settlement is approved. Warner Music has announced it won't fight a move to make rights to the song public and will spend $14 million to end a class-action lawsuit in search of royalties paid... More »

Apple Teams Up With Record Labels to Revive the Album

(Newser) - Apple has joined forces with four major record labels on a mission to get music buyers to start buying albums again instead of just single tracks, the Financial Times reports. The project—codenamed "Cocktail"—will bundle album downloads with lyrics sheets, sleeve notes, photos, and assorted interactive features... More »

Jay-Z Close to Sony Deal— or Maybe Warner

Conflicting reports leave it unclear where former Def Jam artist will move

(Newser) - Following his departure from Def Jam, Jay-Z is close to making a deal with a new label—the question is, which one? Sources tell Billboard a deal with Sony’s Epic Records “is 95% complete,” while the New York Daily News reports a deal with Warner Music Group/Atlantic... More »

Warner Music Pulls Videos From YouTube

Contract negotiations between firms stall

(Newser) - Warner Music ordered YouTube to remove all music videos by Warner artists today after talks to renew their licensing deal stalled, Reuters reports. The impasse could affect hundreds of thousands of video clips. The music group, home to artists such as Madonna and the Red Hot Chili Peppers, is demanding... More »

Music Milestone: Digital Outsells CDs at Atlantic

(Newser) - Atlantic Records has become the first major label to pass a high-tech milestone: More than half of its music sales are now from digital products such as iTunes downloads and ring tones for cell phones. Sales of CDs have been declining across the board in recent years, so it was... More »

OMG! Perez Hilton Expands His Unlikely Empire

(Newser) - In three short years, Mario Armando Lavandeira—you may know him better as Perez Hilton—has transformed himself from shy recluse to celebrity gossip maven, with his website generating millions in revenue and page views. With TV specials, his own fashion line, a tell-all book due next year, and, soon,... More »

As Digital Gains, Album Sales Plunge 11%

Music biz turmoil as CDs plummet

(Newser) - CDs continue to go the way of the 8-track, losing further ground to digital music. Another big drop in CD sales is being driven by the closure of Virgin stores and reduced shelf space at outlets like Target. CD sales are off 16% over the last 12 months and total... More »

Mega-Brand Rollout Revives Ol' Blue Eyes

Warner deal brings back digitized Sinatra as ad pitchman

(Newser) - Ol' Blue Eyes is still doing it his way—or his heirs' way, to be more precise. Frank Sinatra's family has inked a deal with Warner Music Group to ensure the singer's return on the 10th anniversary of his death: A postage stamp and new CD and DVD collections are... More »

MySpace Music Takes On iTunes

Joint venture with record companies aims to create competition

(Newser) - The world of online music buying looks set for a shakeup with the launch of MySpace Music, announced today. The joint venture between MySpace and three of the big four record labels aims to compete head-to-head with iTunes, CNET News reports. Music industry bigwigs are said to have long felt... More »

Perez Hilton, Music Mogul?

Celebrity blogger is in a deal with Warner Music to start his own imprint

(Newser) - “Madonna’s leaving, Perez is coming.” Those words are straight from the mouth of the music industry's most unlikely new player, gossip blogger Perez Hilton. He has parlayed posts praising unknown and upcoming acts on his website into a possible deal doing the same for Warner Brothers Records,... More »

MySpace Makes Music Overtures

Social networking site turns to recording labels in effort to broaden appeal

(Newser) - MySpace has spent the past few weeks approaching major record labels, trying to hammer out a deal for a new online music service, the Wall Street Journal reports. The deal—tentatively MySpace Music—would likely let users stream unlimited music for free, and buy downloads that could be played on... More »

Qtrax Hits Snags

Startup promised free, legal, iPod-compatible downloads rom all the major labels

(Newser) - Startup Qtrax has been promising free, legal music downloads from all the major labels via an ad-supported site that was supposed to launch this morning. Too good to be true? Maybe. On the eve of its debut, things started to unravel, with Warner, Universal and EMI all denying agreements with... More »

Rent's Lease Up After 12 Years

7th-longest-running Broadway show closing June 1

(Newser) - Rent is preparing to close up shop and move out of the Nederlander Theatre on Broadway, its home since 1996. The cutting-edge rock adaptation of La Bohème was written by Jonathan Larson, who died at the age of 35 of an aneurysm the night of the final dress rehearsal.... More »

Amazon Gets Funky With Warner Music

DRM-free iTunes competitor continues to attract big labels

(Newser) - Amazon’s burgeoning mp3 service landed another big fish today, adding Warner Music’s catalog to its online store. The Amazon shop aims to compete with Apple’s iTunes, selling songs for 89 cents as opposed to Apple’s 99 cents and without digital rights management software that makes sharing... More »

Pepsi, Amazon Could Spark Digital Music Revolution

Promotion deal pushing music companies to switch to DRM-free MP3 format

(Newser) - Pepsi and Amazon aren’t music producers, but they may inspire large-scale changes in the industry, Reuters says. The two companies will launch a music download promotion of MP3 songs during the Super Bowl next year, a deal pushing music titans like Warner Music and Sony BMG to consider distributing... More »

Warner Boss Mea Culpa: P2P Problems Industry's Fault

Bronfman vows to get with interactive times

(Newser) - Warner Music’s boss has admitted he missed the Internet zeitgeist, even claiming some responsibility for the rise of online file sharing. “By standing still or moving at a glacial pace,” said Edgar Bronfman, “we inadvertently went to war with consumers.” The change of heart amounts... More »

Sony Ericsson Hums New Tune

Under pressure from rivals, mobile phone maker plans new music portal

(Newser) - London mobile-phone maker Sony Ericsson has unveiled plans for its own online music store for computers and mobile phones. The service will roll out next spring, and claims it will add millions of new music tracks from major record labels. The move comes as Sony Ericsson is facing increasing competition... More »

No Warner Content for Nokia Music Site

Music withheld over illegal download concerns

(Newser) - The latest music copyright battle has pitted Warner Music against Nokia. Warner refuses to sell its tunes through the new Nokia Music Store website, on grounds that another Nokia service, the file-sharing site Mosh, enables swapping of copyrighted material, the Wall Street Journal reports. Music from Universal, Sony BMG, and... More »

And Now, a Word From YouTube's Sponsor(s)

Google-owned video site phases in "unobtrusive" ads

(Newser) - As it struggles to turn a profit, YouTube will begin to show ads overlaid on some videos, the Times of London reports. The spots will consist of a semitransparent strip covering 20% of the screen appearing 20 seconds into the video.They'll appear only on content from 1,000 "... More »

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