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BBC Journo Stuns Brown with Pill-Popping Question

Labor furious after interviewer follows up Internet rumors

(Newser) - Gordon Brown's office and the British Labor Party are furious with the BBC after the host of the channel's flagship political program asked the prime minister if he took prescription painkillers. Downing Street had already denied the rumor, which began on the Internet. A shocked Brown responded: "No! I... More »

Summer of Scandals Leaves BBC in Crisis

Top anchor accuses net of 'catastrophic loss of nerve'

(Newser) - The Brits are having a crisis of conscience over the BBC: A summer of scandals has left the BBC's squeaky-clean image compromised. The UK's public broadcaster has aired rigged call-in games, sneakily edited news stories, and credulity-straining reality shows. A leading broadcaster charges the station has suffered "a catastrophic... More »

2 Stories