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Scientist Shot Dead While Camping With Girls, 2 and 4

Police are investigating Tristan Beaudette's death as a homicide

(Newser) - The Los Angeles Times describes the campground at Malibu Creek State Park as a popular one "frequented by hikers." On Friday it was also the scene of what police believe was a homicide. Tristan Beaudette, 35, was shot dead around 4:45am in the presence of his 2-... More »

RV Industry Booms as Young Campers Come Aboard

But the Wall Street Journal has some warnings

(Newser) - Two of the biggest manufacturers of motor homes saw their shares rise to record highs last week, and the Wall Street Journal sees two big reasons: retiring baby boomers and a younger set of "glampers" who have embraced the lifestyle. Winnebago and Thor both saw strong sales of their... More »

Most Important Gear for Women Campers Isn't What You Think

Don't hit the backcountry without an IUD

(Newser) - "Taking a [poop] in the woods is funny and easy to talk about," Heather Hansman writes for Outside Magazine . "Periods are not." That why Hansman says the "one item that made the biggest difference" during a recent two-month river trip through the wilderness wasn't... More »

Camping Trip Can Get Body's Sleep Cycle Back on Track

Even if you can only get away for a weekend

(Newser) - A weekend camping trip may be the solution to everything from a lack of productivity at work to diabetes, according to a study published Thursday in Current Biology . Melatonin levels in the body regulate the body's sleep schedule, increasing when it's time for bed and falling when it'... More »

She Saved Her Girls' Lives; It Left Her Paralyzed

'I'd rather be paralyzed than one of them dead'

(Newser) - A Canadian mother is paralyzed and her life upended after she threw herself in harm's way to save her children, CBC reports. Jessica Dicks was camping July 3 when a 30-foot tree started falling toward the tent that held her daughters—ages 6, 4, and 10 months. "I... More »

Missing Professor Found Dead Near Campsite

Arizona State teacher had been camping alone

(Newser) - The search for an Arizona State University professor has ended with bad news: Rescuers found the body of 59-year-old Debra Schwartz about a half-mile from her campsite in Oak Creek Canyon near Sedona, reports the Arizona Republic . It's not clear how she died yet. Schwartz had been camping alone,... More »

6 Found Dead in Campsite Massacre

Guy who lived next door is the main suspect

(Newser) - Six people were killed at a Texas campsite and a suspect has been arrested and charged in the weekend homicides, authorities said Monday. Anderson County Sheriff Greg Taylor says the bodies were found in rural Anderson County, southeast of Dallas. William Hudson, 33, is charged with one murder count and... More »

3 Sisters Missing in Wilderness Found

They set out June 28, didn't return when expected

(Newser) - Searchers combing the Wyoming wilderness for three missing Midwestern sisters this morning found the women; they were cold and hungry but otherwise healthy. ABC News reports the Andrews-Sharer sisters set out on June 28 to hike and camp outside Jackson Hole, and the search for them began Tuesday after they... More »

Feeling Groggy? Go Camping (for a Week)

A week outdoors can reset your sleeping patterns: study

(Newser) - Artificial light—and reduced access to sunlight—has put our biological clocks in need of fresh batteries. A new study explains that our fondness for an electric glow has messed with our sleep hormones, making us stay up later than evolution intended in exchange for a lack of alertness in... More »

Sentence for Starting Record Arizona Fire: 2 Days in Jail

Cousins Caleb and David Malboeuf thought they put out campfire

(Newser) - Two cousins who admitted starting the largest wildfire in Arizona history were sentenced yesterday to spend a weekend in jail and perform 200 hours of community service. Caleb and David Malboeuf also will each be on supervised probation for five years. The Malboeufs were camping in Arizona's Apache-Sitgreaves National... More »

2 Charged With Biggest-Ever Arizona Wildfire

Pair accused of leaving campfire when hiking

(Newser) - Two Arizona cousins who allegedly left a campfire unattended have been charged with starting the biggest wildfire in the state's history . The Wallow fire, which burned more than 800 square miles of wilderness in June, began after Caleb and David Wayne Malboeuf left their fire—which they believed to... More »

Mama Grizzly Kate Melts Down on Palin Camping Trip

Just for those who miss the old Kate

(Newser) - Kate Gosselin and Sarah Palin might have politics and the strong woman thing in common, but they're tundras apart in one area: camping. "We are not camping people. I'll scream it from the mountaintops," sobs Kate on a camping trip in the latest episode of Sarah Palin's reality... More »

Sarah Palin Reality Show Premieres Nov. 14

One 'Sarah Palin's Alaska' guest star: Kate Gosselin

(Newser) - The fall TV season really starts on Sunday, Nov., 14, when the first episode of Sarah Palin's Alaska airs. "It takes a special individual to thrive in Alaska," says the head of TLC, the network best know for inflicting the Gosselin family on America. Not coincidentally, Kate Gosselin... More »

Campgrounds Add Perks, Redefine 'Roughing It'

(Newser) - The purer pleasures of the outdoors don’t seem to be enough for some campers anymore, the New York Times reports. Increasingly, campgrounds are offering amenities like pizza delivery, air-conditioning, kiddie rides, and valet service to the delight of families and owners’ balance sheets. “The objective is to maximize... More »

Murder Suspect Tycoon Nabbed in Woods

Ian Griffin removed cash from account of murdered lover: cops

(Newser) - A British tycoon suspected of fatally beating his wealthy lover with furniture and his fists in a Paris hotel has been found camping in England, reports the Telegraph. Ian Griffin, 39, was tracked down "living rough" in Cheshire, said a police source. He had withdrawn a "large amount"... More »

TomKat to Camp Like 'Normal Family'

Except with Scientology escort, security

(Newser) - Who needs five-star hotels and gourmet restaurants? All the Cruise clan needs to have a grand vacation is a tent—and some security and a Scientologist friend, the Mirror reports. In a bid to “do things as a normal family,” Tom Cruise is planning a camping trip across... More »

Inaugural Early Birds Will Be Barred From Camping Out

Officials steel for up to 5 million for historic event

(Newser) - No one will be allowed to camp overnight to secure the best views on Inauguration Day, reports the Washington Post. Spectators will be barred from staking out spots until 7 am that morning, officials warned yesterday as they unveiled a series of rules for dealing with up to 5 million... More »

'21st Century Girls' Force Scouts to Evolve

Declining membership prompts massive revamp

(Newser) - Sporty, ambitious, and tech-savvy, the modern American girl is forcing a century-old program to change its ways, Time reports. Sagging cookie sales and plummeting membership have compelled Girl Scouts to merge councils, sell off lucrative campsites, and redefine its relevance for "21st century girls," says Mary Connell, a... More »

Essentials for Your Survival Kit

You'll be glad you packed this gear if that 3-hour tour hits a snag

(Newser) - A GPS unit and satellite phone may be handy if you're lost in the wild, but Wired offers a simpler list of cheap essentials for any survival kit:
  1. Knife, vital for shelter, food prep, campfires, and countless other tasks.
  2. Lighter and tinder, like waxed cotton, to start fires in wet
... More »

Try Camping—Sans Roughing It

(Newser) - If "four seasons" makes you think of a hotel chain, glamping ("glam" and "camping") may be as close to Mother Nature as you want to get while not surrendering your hairdryer, writes the Los Angeles Times. At Paws Up in Montana, for example, "rough it"... More »

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