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'Diaper' Astronaut Gets Light Sentence

Nowak pleads to lesser charges, gets year of probation

(Newser) - Ex-astronaut Lisa Nowak will serve a year of probation for the bizarre attack on a romantic rival in 2007. Nowak pleaded guilty to lesser charges of misdemeanor battery and burglary of an automobile. She drove 1,000 miles from Houston to Orlando, famously telling police that she wore a diaper... More »

Astronaut Love Triangle Couple to Wed

Relationship survives bizarre confrontation by Lisa Nowak

(Newser) - A bizarre confrontation with a crazed astronaut wasn't enough to end Colleen Shipman's relationship with former astronaut William Oefelein: The Beaver County Times reports the couple will wed next summer. Their relationship became national news 2 years ago when Oefelein's ex, fellow astronaut Lisa Nowak, drove 900 miles from Houston... More »

Judge Tosses Evidence in Nowak Case

Ex-astronaut's statement, contents of her car inadmissible

(Newser) - The case against Lisa Nowak, the former astronaut accused of stalking and pepper spraying a rival in a fit of jealousy, took a hit yesterday when a Florida judge threw out evidence recovered from her car and recorded statements she made to the police. The judge ruled that Nowak, facing... More »

Aldrin Likes Nowak's Grit, Bladder Control

Lovesick astronaut "admired" by second man on the moon

(Newser) - Second man on the moon Buzz Aldrin salutes lovesick astronaut Lisa Nowak's gritty restroom-less cross-country drive, telling Time: "I think Nowak should be admired for traveling across the country at night and not getting out of her car to put in gas or go to the restroom," he... More »

Nowak to Argue Temporary Insanity

Ex-astronaut's lawyer says he may cite mental disorder

(Newser) - Former astronaut Lisa Nowak will plead temporary insanity if she goes to trial on kidnapping and assault charges next month. A notice her lawyer filed today says she was experiencing a major depressive disorder when she attacked her ex-lover's girlfriend at the Orlando airport in February, the Sentinel reports. More »

Ex-Astronaut Faces Romantic Rival in Court

Nowak's alleged victim says she's still afraid

(Newser) - The Air Force captain who was allegedly stalked and attacked by Lisa Nowak testified today she is still afraid of the ex-astronaut. At a pretrial hearing in Orlando, Colleen Shipman told the court she would feel more comfortable if Nowak continues wearing an ankle monitor that tracks her location, the... More »

NASA Admits Sabotage, Drunk Astronauts

Agency says hard stuff not right stuff, vows to launch action

(Newser) - NASA promised immediate action today on embarrassing reports of an intentionally damaged computer and inebriated astronauts. An administrator said an internal safety review, staff briefing on new policy, and official 12-hour pre-flight ban on alcohol would follow an independent panel’s finding of “heavy” alcohol use by astronauts before... More »

Lawyer Blasts 'Astronaut Diaper' Report

Attorney says media's overinflated tale doesn't hold water

(Newser) - The most attention-getting detail to emerge from the astronaut love triangle story is also the "biggest lie," Lisa Nowak's lawyer said today. The ex-astronaut did not drive from Houston to Orlando wearing a diaper, and that information, which originally appeared in the police report about the incident that... More »

NASA Dumps Deranged Astronaut

Nowak will be sent back to the Navy

(Newser) - Love-lorn Lisa Nowak made history again Wednesday, when she became the first astronaut ever to get a pink slip from NASA. The space agency remanded her to the U.S. Navy, for whom she was officially on assignment at NASA. More »

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