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Man Punches Service Dog, Pregnant Deaf Woman: Cops

Frontier flight to Orlando turns ugly

(Newser) - Violence erupted on a Frontier flight Thursday and spilled into Orlando International Airport when a passenger allegedly punched a deaf pregnant woman and her service dog, the Orlando Sentinel reports. It began when passenger Timothy Manley's wife complained about being allergic to the Great Dane, so he punched it,... More »

How Pilot Appeases Stuck Fliers: With Pizza

Pilot Gerhard Bradner buys 50 Dominos pizzas, with his own money

(Newser) - Airplane delays have been known to lead to bad situations . Enter pilot Gerhard Bradner, who bought all of his stranded passengers Dominos pizza on Monday night, forking over his own money for 50 pies. As KUSA-TV reports, Frontier Flight 719, which was headed to Denver from Reagan International Airport in... More »

FAA Not Delighted by Mid-Air 'Harlem Shake'

They may be the only ones

(Newser) - Federal investigators are casting a less-than-approving eye at a frankly spectacular mid-air rendition of the "Harlem Shake" meme. The video, recorded by the Colorado College Ultimate Frisbee Team, begins with a man in a helmet dancing alone in the aisle of a passenger jet, and ends with an aisle... More »

'Drunk Pilot' Delays Flight

Hotel shuttle driver tipped off cops

(Newser) - A flight was delayed at Omaha's airport after a hotel shuttle bus driver told police that the pilot appeared to be already flying pretty high. Police say they intercepted the pilot before he boarded the Frontier Airlines flight and, after determining there was reasonable suspicion that he was drunk,... More »

Fighter Jets Scrambled Over Bathroom Breaks

Suspicious couple was just making out

(Newser) - Fighter jets were scrambled yesterday to escort an American Airlines plane after a pilot radioed concern about repeated and overly long bathroom breaks by three male passengers on a flight from LA to New York. It was one of a pair of security scares on US planes on a day... More »

10 Companies That'll Be Dead by 2012

Even household names like Sara Lee unlikely to survive

(Newser) - The economic crisis can be blamed for the death of quite a few large companies already—think Circuit City, Northwest Airlines, and Countrywide—so which ones can we expect to go bye-bye this year? Here are 10 American companies that seem unlikely to survive, from 24/7 Wall St. via Daily... More »

Aging Airlines Can't Catch Up to Younger Rivals

Recent changes haven't helped 'legacy' carriers

(Newser) - Despite many rounds of cost-cutting, so-called legacy airlines—United, Delta, US Airways—still face costs 35% higher than low-fare carriers like JetBlue and Southwest, the Wall Street Journal reports. The younger outfits have maintained a “cost gap” analysts thought their older peers could close over time. For one thing,... More »

Frontier Airlines Latest Carrier to File for Bankruptcy

Discount airline says it will continue flying as it reorganizes

(Newser) - Discount carrier Frontier Airlines today said it was filing for Chapter 11 but would keep flying thorough its reorganization, the Wall Street Journal reports. The carrier made the move after its credit-card processing company decided to withhold a larger share of ticket revenues from Frontier. Aloha and ATA also declared... More »

Flying SUX When You're in Hog Heaven

Iowa airport turns unfortunate FAA moniker into quirky ad campaign

(Newser) - Sioux City has protested in vain for years to the Federal Aviation Administration to change its airport's three-letter identifier: SUX. Then farm belt officials decided to wake up and fly right and capitalize on the unfortunate moniker. Now Sioux Gateway Airport has launched a publicity campaign featuring the slogan "... More »

Passenger Restrained After Midair Attempt to Deplane

Crew, other travelers duct-tape man to seat

(Newser) - A redeye flight from Denver to New York took a frightening turn yesterday when a passenger leaped from his seat and tried to open the rear door of a Frontier Airlines jet. Flight attendants and passengers then restrained the man by strapping him to his seat with duct tape. A... More »

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