Franciscan friars

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Mission Plays Mating Call to Woo Swallows

Cliff swallows have disappeared from San Juan Capistrano

(Newser) - Reminders of cliff swallows are everywhere on the grounds of the 236-year-old Mission San Juan Capistrano, where the birds have migrated each spring for centuries. Trouble is, the swallows themselves have gone missing in recent years . So the California mission is putting all its eggs in the basket of a... More »

Friars Pray for Diarrhea Vengeance

God asked to give the runs to Bible thief

(Newser) - Franciscan friars at an ancient church in Florence are praying for a vengeful God to deliver a dose of the squits to a Bible thief. A rare and expensive Bible vanished from the lectern this week, and a replacement donated by a worshipper disappeared a few hours later. A notice... More »

Sex-Case Court Orders Friars' Psych Files Bared

Records expected to reveal how much Catholic chiefs knew about abuse

(Newser) - A California court has ruled that the psychiatric and personnel files of six Franciscan friars accused of sexual abuse must be made public. The documents are expected to reveal how much the Catholic Franciscan administration knew about their employees' behavior and when they knew it. The decision could lead to... More »

Your Credit's Good With God

Boston church now accepting parishioners' plastic for collection plate

(Newser) - Franciscan friars have another deep question to ask their congregation: Paper or plastic? The brothers of St. Anthony's Shrine in Boston have installed a wireless kiosk allowing their flock to make contributions with credit or debit cards. The service is provided by, created by a Georgia minister and... More »

4 Stories