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In China, Obama Chews Gum, Offends Locals

But also makes progress on expanding high-tech trade agreement

(Newser) - When 21 Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) member states convened in Beijing last night, China rolled out more than the red carpet. Treated as the biggest international event in China's capital since the 2008 Olympics, pollution levels have been lowered ( or at least manipulated ), a cultural show and... More »

Mind the Gaffe, Prez!

Word to Bush: It's APEC, not OPEC, and the troops are Australian, not Austrian

(Newser) - As usual, President Bush didn't mind the gaffe and stumbled again—and again—this weekend on the eve of the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation gathering in Sydney. He referred to Australian troops as Austrian troops and called the APEC summit the OPEC summit., Reuters reports. "Thank you for being such... More »

APEC Leaders Agree to Take on Global Warming

But pact isn't ambitious enough, critics say

(Newser) - Leaders of 21 Pacific Rim nations yesterday pledged to “slow, stop, and then reverse” greenhouse emissions, at the annual APEC summit. The group—which includes developing nations and top emitters Russia, China, Japan, and the US—could influence UN climate change negotiations. But critics call the pact unambitious, citing... More »

Bush Calls For Freedom in China

He warns that world will be watching during Olympics

(Newser) - President Bush yesterday called on Chinese officials to demonstrate a commitment to "greater openness and tolerance" before the 2008 Beijing Olympics. In a speech to business executives in Sydney on the eve of the Asia-Pacific summit, Bush emphasized the need for greater freedoms throughout Asia and warned China that... More »

Aussie Chief Pleads for APEC Peace on YouTube

Howard asks protesters for support, peace

(Newser) - Australian Prime Minister John Howard has taken to the YouTube web waves in a bid to quell protests this week in Sydney at the summit on Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation. If demonstrators "really are concerned about poverty and climate change, they should support APEC not attack it," Howard pleads.... More »

Laura Bush Will Skip APEC Trip to Australia

First Lady's pinched nerve could indicate surprise stops for president

(Newser) - Laura Bush plans to sit out the president's trip to Australia early next month for the APEC summit, due to a pinched nerve. Washington Post blogger Mark Silva speculates that the First Lady's decision may presage other stops being added to the president's itinerary for the trip, which comes just... More »

6 Stories