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Nude-Photo Hackers Hit 1st Male Celeb

Hulk Hogan's son Nick targeted in 4th round of photos

(Newser) - The hackers who bombarded the Internet with naked photos of hundreds of celebrities ranging from Jennifer Lawrence to Kim Kardashian have released their fourth round and it is notable for a couple of reasons. First, as TMZ reports, they've at last targeted their first male victim in Nick Hogan,... More »

Hulk's Son: Get Me Outta Here!

Wrestler's jailbird offspring doesn't care for county's hospitality

(Newser) - Wrestler Hulk Hogan's teenage son is asking to be released from jail, where he's isolated from other inmates because he's a minor, the Tampa Tribune reports. Lawyers for Nick Bollea, 17, serving 8 months for reckless driving, say he suffers "unbearable anxiety" and should be sent home until he... More »

Hulk Hogan Son Thrown Down For 8 Months

17-year-old pleads no contest to reckless driving charge

(Newser) - Hulk Hogan's son has been sentenced to 8 months in a Florida jail for his part in an accident that left his best friend, a former Marine, critically injured and likely to spend the rest of his life in a nursing home. Nick Bollea pleaded no contest to charges of... More »

'Holy Smokes!' Wife Slams Hulkster With Divorce Papers

Wrestler gets the news from a reporter

(Newser) - Hulk Hogan, never at a loss for words, was nearly speechless when a reporter told the pro wrestler and reality TV star that his wife had filed divorce papers, reports the AP. “Holy smokes. Wow, you just knocked the bottom out of me,” Hogan said, adding, "Thank... More »

Hogan's Son Leaves Hospital After Wreck

17-year-old spawn of the Hulk in 'spectacular' crash

(Newser) - Reality TV star Nick Bollea has been discharged from a Florida hospital, after seriously injuring himself and a passenger in a "spectacular wreck" on a Florida highway last night.  The 17-year-old son of Hulk Hogan was featured on the pro wrestler's series Hogan Knows Best. The hospital confirmed... More »

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