pinched nerve

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Skinny Jeans: Health Hazard

(Newser) - Skinny jeans might be crushing nerves in the very thighs they’re supposed to flatter, MSNBC reports. Experts say they’ve seen a spat of young women suffering from meralgia paresthetica, or “tingling thigh syndrome,” caused by wearing ridiculously tight jeans. It occurs whenever constant pressure is applied... More »

Laura Bush Will Skip APEC Trip to Australia

First Lady's pinched nerve could indicate surprise stops for president

(Newser) - Laura Bush plans to sit out the president's trip to Australia early next month for the APEC summit, due to a pinched nerve. Washington Post blogger Mark Silva speculates that the First Lady's decision may presage other stops being added to the president's itinerary for the trip, which comes just... More »

2 Stories