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Ex-Governor: I Tried, Failed to Live on Minimum Wage

Weeklong experiment collapsed by Thursday: Ted Strickland

(Newser) - Ohio's former governor is taking a stand in favor of raising the minimum wage—by living on it himself. Ted Strickland tried restricting his spending last week to the $77 the wage offers, and by Thursday, he failed, he writes at Politico . The experience involved skipping meals, turning to... More »

Ex-Governor: 'Crazy' GOPers Can't Win Ohio

Nobody but Mitt Romney even stands a chance, Ted Strickland says

(Newser) - As Ohio goes, so goes the nation? Former Democratic Gov. Ted Strickland tells Politico that none of the current Republican candidates can beat President Obama in the state that has picked the winner in 25 out of the last 27 presidential elections. The only one that even stands a chance... More »

GOP Grabs 10 Democratic Governorships

Also, Nikki Haley wins in South Carolina

(Newser) - Republicans captured governorships that had been held by Democrats in Michigan, Tennessee, Kansas, Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, Wyoming, Ohio, Iowa, New Mexico, and Oklahoma. In other big races, Nikki Haley won in South Carolina, Jan Brewer won in Arizona, and Harry Reid's son lost in Nevada. GOP highlights below; see Democratic highlights... More »

7 Governor's Races to Watch

Republicans poised for huge redistricting advantage

(Newser) - Governor’s seats are up for grabs in 37 states today, and Republicans look poised to win loads of them—which could have a profound impact when it comes time to redraw district lines . This Huffington Post tally shows 29 seats held by or leaning toward Republicans, to 16 for... More »

Ohio Con Wins Week Break After Botched Execution

Executioners struggled to find vein for 2 hours

(Newser) - An Ohio death row inmate was given a week-long reprieve by the governor yesterday after the execution team couldn't find a usable vein in over 2 hours of trying at his planned execution, reports the Cleveland Plain Dealer. Rowell Broom, convicted of raping and killing a teen girl in 1984,... More »

Governors Back House on Stimulus

Senate version provides for half as much direct state aid

(Newser) - With the House and Senate reconciling their competing stimulus bills, governors are pushing for the House version to prevail, the Washington Post reports. States would receive billions in aid if that version goes through—or next to nothing if the Senate's legislation passes. "If the Senate version holds, there... More »

Perennial Swing State Ohio Looks Blue

Rejuvenated local Dems bode well for Obama campaign

(Newser) - Ohio is the ultimate swing state: Since 1960 no president has been elected without winning its electoral votes, and in 2004, by the narrowest of margins, it delivered George W. Bush a second term. But this time around, Democrats are confident of their chances, the Economist reports. The state party... More »

Obama's VP Search Fields a General

James Jones, retired NATO honcho, surfaces in Hill talks

(Newser) - Barack Obama’s VP selection team had a busy couple of days on Capitol Hill, talking up possible running mates with legislators. A new name in the mix is that of retired Gen. James Jones, MSNBC reports. Joe Biden and Ohio governor Ted Strickland also came under scrutiny; Bill Richardson,... More »

Who Are They Eyeing for VP?

Blogger runs down likely veep candidates for Obama and McCain

(Newser) - “Since McCain and Obama appear to have the nominations locked up,” it's time to start eyeing the veepstakes, Chris Cillizza writes in The Fix blog. Here are his top three for each presumptive nominee, GOP first:
  1. Tim Pawlenty: The Minnesota governor is a longtime McCain backer, and widely
... More »

Who Will Win the Veep Sweepstakes?

Dems don't have top pick yet, but talk persists about No. 2

(Newser) - John Kerry was mulling a pick for vice president at this time 4 years ago, but Democratic hopefuls today refuse to name a running mate. Still, Politico’s Ben Smith has an early roundup of who could be Clinton’s and Obama’s first choices in the No. 2 slot. More »

Pa. Governor a Risky Ally for Clinton

Blunt, gaffe-prone Rendell could make or break campaign

(Newser) - Ed Rendell could be Hillary Clinton’s greatest asset in Pennsylvania—or he could explode in her face, Politico reports. Pennsylvania’s governor is popular and authentic, and he knows how to raise money and find the state’s voters. But Rendell shoots from the hip, and often hits his... More »

Mich., Fla. May Yet Be Hillary Key

Hillary-backer raises specter of do-over votes

(Newser) - Despite big wins yesterday, Hillary Clinton still needs a secret weapon to make up her delegate deficit and, Walter Shapiro writes in Salon, her strategy might have been presaged in Ohio by Gov. Ted Strickland urging, “Let’s go to Michigan and Florida." Do-over votes in those states,... More »

Ohio Contest Splits on Race, Geography

Clinton banks on rural vote, white gov; Obama on cities, black mayor

(Newser) - Today’s Ohio Democratic primary is expected to follow sharp demographic lines, with the urban north likely breaking toward Barack Obama and the rural south expected to back Hillary Clinton. The endorsement derby points up the racial dimension, the LA Times reports, with the white, rural governor backing Clinton and... More »

The Early Word on VP Hopefuls

Blogger handicaps chances on both tickets

(Newser) - With the presidential race down to four major candidates, Washington Post blogger Chris Cillizza turns his prognosticating to the second lines on the November ballot. Who’s in the running to be VP:
  • McCain: Mike Huckabee’s a short-list shoo-in, social conservative Tim Pawlenty and McCain go way back, and
... More »

Midwest Picks Up Pieces After 'Devastating' Storms

Region ravaged by tornadoes, floods

(Newser) - The Midwest began massive storm cleanup yesterday as power was restored in southern Michigan after a series of tornadoes, and Ohio residents picked through homes ruined by floods. Hardest hit was Fenton, where at least 250 buildings in the Michigan town were destroyed when six tornadoes touched down in the... More »

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