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Older Americans Have 47 Times More Wealth Than the Young

Gap has widened in past 25 years: Pew

(Newser) - A new analysis by the Pew Research Center shows a widening age gap when it comes to wealth: In 2009, a typical household headed by an adult aged 65 or older had 47 times more net wealth than its counterpart headed by someone younger than 35. That’s a median... More »

11.1M Households Underwater

Number jumps to 23.1% at end of 2010, more likely on way

(Newser) - Just when it looked like the housing market might be treading water, more American homes slipped underwater at the end of 2010, reports the AP. Now 23.1% of all mortgages, or 11.1 million, outweigh the value of the house they secure—up from 22.5% in the previous... More »

Housing Bust Makes Divorce Too Costly for Many Couples

Couples stick it out as tough market makes splitting too expensive

(Newser) - Breaking up is hard to do, but in a housing bust it can be well nigh impossible. With one in six homes worth less than the mortgage owed on it, couples on the skids are finding divorce plans scuttled by an inability to sell the marital home. And with job... More »

Bank Ads Helped Spin 2nd Mortgages

Home equity loans, once desperate moves, now total $1 trillion

(Newser) - Until recently, borrowing against one's home was considered a desperate measure, but now it's commonplace. Since the 1980s, outstanding home-equity loans—once called second mortgages—have exploded a thousandfold to more than $1 trillion. The New York Times looks at how banks waged a concerted advertising campaign to transform Americans'... More »

Housing Dip Sends 1/3 of Owners Into Negative Equity

(Newser) - Nearly a third of US homeowners who bought in the last 5 years owe more on their mortgage than their house is worth, according to a report by Internet valuation site Zillow. Prices of houses dropped 9.9% in the second quarter, compared to the previous year, sending 29% of... More »

Morgan Stanley Cuts Off Home Equity Lines

Thousands whose homes' value has fallen see credit frozen

(Newser) - Morgan Stanley has told thousands of its home-equity credit clients they can no longer draw on the lines, Bloomberg reports. Most had property values that had fallen, and were frozen to cut back on risk, a source said. A Morgan Stanley spokesman confirmed that “a segment of clients” had... More »

Creditors Fed Off Equity Boom, Creating 'Double Bubble'

US charged against home value now gone

(Newser) - As home values boomed, banks raised credit limits and extended offers for new cards, urging consumers to pay off the debt by drawing on their equity, USA Today reports. Many of those borrowers now face high interest rates on homes tapped of equity and hemorrhaging value—and the boom in... More »

Maybe You Shouldn't Own a Home

Wake up, America: Not everyone can afford the white picket fence

(Newser) - Should all Americans own their dream home? Not really, writes Joshua Riner in the New Republic—only those who can afford one. But Washington made homebuying easy, sparked the subprime crisis, and is now making things worse by buying up risky mortgages. Officials "need to replace the dream of... More »

Home Prices Suffer Record Monthly Drop

October figures exceed gloomy estimates, show continued slump

(Newser) - Home prices plummeted 6.1% in October, a record year-over-year drop that exceeded forecasts. The index of prices in 20 major markets has dropped every month this year and fell 1.4% from the September figure, another record. The trend threatens overall consumer spending, making it more difficult for homeowners... More »

Expected Fed Rate Cut Could Halt Crisis

Wall Street counting on help to boost falling stock prices

(Newser) - What happens next in the volatile world stock markets could depend on Federal Reserve chief Ben Bernanke. The Fed is expected to cut the interest rates banks charge each other for overnight loans, currently 5.25%. It would make loans cheaper, boost consumer spending, revive stock prices and ultimately, prevent... More »

Recession Risk Seen in Mortgage Misery

Top economist urges immediate rate cuts to avoid catstrophe

(Newser) - Mortgage woes could spark a serious recession, a prominent economist said yesterday. National Bureau of Economic Research President Martin Feldstein said that interest rates must be slashed heavily and quickly, or declining prices and weakening home equity withdrawal could hobble the economy, Reuters reports. More »

Consumer Confidence Plunges

Vital index hits level not seen since post-Katrina unrest

(Newser) - Consumer confidence dived in August to its lowest level since right after Hurricane Katrina in 2005. Though not as steep as expected, the drop reflects the squeeze stock market uncertainty and lower home values are putting on Americans' wallets and peace of mind, Bloomberg reports. "The things that are... More »

US Median Home Price to Drop

Projected 1-2% decline for 2007 would be the first since 1950

(Newser) - The median cost of an American home, now $220,000, is expected to drop this year for the first time since tracking began in 1950, reports the New York Times. The decline will be modest—1 to 2%—but could last into 2008 and 2009, meaning that, adjusting for inflation,... More »

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