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63% of Us Have No Clue Who Emily Post Is

But we're very well behaved all the same, says new poll

(Newser) - Our mommas may have raised us right, but they didn't raise us to know who Emily Post is. Some 32% of us have no idea that she's the madam of good manners; 31% think she is either a famed newspaper editor, breakfast cereal inventor, college president, or globe-circling sailor. But... More »

Is the Writing on the Wall for Letter Writing?

Teens call snail mail passé, but etiquette expert defends the pen

(Newser) - A quarter of teens call snail mail the most passé way to convey in 2007. But the great-granddaughter of an etiquette doyenne wants to rescue letters before the 'Net makes them extinct. She says ink on paper still carries “more weight” than email, not to mention leaving a permanent... More »

2 Stories