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Why Google's OS Won't Beat Microsoft

Windows 7, open-source competition hold Chrome OS back

(Newser) - Microsoft needn’t stress about Google’s planned operating system, writes Joseph Tartakoff for paidContent. Five reasons why:
  • Windows 7 will put Microsoft on firmer ground, having won great reviews so far—and it will have been out 9 months by the time Chrome OS appears.
  • Google’s not the
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File-sharing Felon Forced to Use Windows

Man must either ditch Linux or ditch his computer

(Newser) - An individual convicted of operating an illegal BitTorrent site shut down by the FBI will be forced to either make the switch from Linux to Windows or give up his computer altogether, ZDNet reports. Scott McCausland had previously been a user of the Ubuntu OS, a popular open-source Linux variant,... More »

2 Stories