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Let's Bring Back Home Ec

We need to teach kids how to cook: Helen Zoe Veit

(Newser) - More schools should return to teaching home ec, argues a Michigan State history professor in the New York Times . No, not the home ec as it's come to be known in "cat's-eye glasses" stereotype, but the home ec as it was originally conceived—as a way to... More »

Naked Chef on Obesity: No One Knows How to Cook

Jamie Oliver, grilled on epidemic, rips lack of cooking skills

(Newser) - Celebrity chef Jamie Oliver, widely known as the "Naked Chef" after his hit TV series, blames the obesity crisis on schools for failing to teach students how to cook. Oliver told a British government panel exploring the growing crisis that the inability to cook has driven families to turn... More »

11 Top Italian Cooking Schools

(Newser) - Savor that Italian vacation by taking a short course at one these cooking schools, highly recommended by Food & Wine magazine:
  1. Cucina con Vista, Florence
  2. Castello Banfi–Il Borgo, Montalcino
  3. Italian Food Artisans, Montepulciano
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3 Stories