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Women Prefer the Smell of Men Who Eat Healthier

'Odor is an important component of attractiveness,' and carbs aren't helping

(Newser) - Guys have sort of a weird new reason to opt for the salad over the nachos: In a new study in the journal Evolution & Human Behavior , researchers found that women prefer the smell of sweat given off by men who eat a diet rich in fruits and vegetables to... More »

Study Shows Why Giant Pandas Need Tinder

Mutual attraction drastically increases the likelihood of panda babies

(Newser) - The scientist who invents a Tinder for giant pandas may just single-handedly save the endangered species. A study published Tuesday in Nature Communications found that pandas are much more likely to successfully mate when they're attracted to each other. It seems like an obvious conclusion, and that's why... More »

Beauty Really Is in the Eye of Beholder

Some preferences universal, but our personal experiences also play a big role

(Newser) - Research has already established that most of us prefer faces that are symmetrical, and probably because it is an indicator of good health. But universal standards of beauty don't go much further than that—in fact even identical twins (who have identical DNA) disagree about who is attractive, researchers... More »

Love at First Sight? Sure, If You're Equally Attractive

Couples who know each other more than a month are less alike in attractiveness

(Newser) - "Who ever loved, that loved not at first sight?" So asked poet Christopher Marlowe some 500 years ago, and now social scientists say they've got a scientific answer to the romantic notion that attraction is instant. It turns out that people who started dating within a month of... More »

Women Like Men Who've Had a Partner or 2

More than those who've had zero: study

(Newser) - Men, want to land a girlfriend? Well, first you may need to ... land a girlfriend. Or two. A new study out of Australia finds that women are more likely to find a man desirable if he's already had one or two partners, the country's ABC News reports. "... More »

Guitars Make Men Sexier

French study suggests music is linked to physical and intellectual abilities

(Newser) - There's now evidence to support what many women have long accepted as fact: There's something sexy about a man with a guitar. A French study published in the journal Psychology of Music has found that a guy with a pretty face and a guitar case is much more... More »

40% Bare Is How Women Best Attract Men

But too much flesh smacks of infidelity

(Newser) - Researchers have discovered that women who bare 40% of their body are the most effective at attracting males. Female scientists studied women at a popular nightclub, and placed percentage values on how much skin they exposed. A bare arm counted for 10%, a leg 15% and so on. They found... More »

Want to Be a Chick Magnet? Stop Showering

Smelling chemical in sweat makes women consider men cuter

(Newser) - Men, if you want to win over your date, maybe you should skip the shower. A chemical found in both sexes' sweat attracts women, a study suggests. A researcher in Scotland dabbed a bit of the testosterone-derived chemical on female subjects’ upper lips before a speed-dating session, the Independent reports.... More »

Men Hot for Average Women: Study

Sorry, hotties: scientists find males prefer typical to supermodel

(Newser) - Women need not be supermodels or Playboy bunnies to attract men’s attention. In fact, guys tend to find so-called average women the most attractive, scientists tell the Telegraph. They polled 100 male students on line drawings of women’s torsos with varying measurements, and found that the men preferred... More »

How Long to Fall in Love? 8.2 Seconds

A man's gaze can indicate his intentions: study

(Newser) - Is he in love? Grab a stopwatch to know: At first encounter, the length of man’s gaze betrays his interest in a woman, a study of 115 students’ eye movements has uncovered. Four seconds say he’s unimpressed, but 4.2 more and he may be in love, the... More »

Outage Strands 173 on Singapore Ferris Wheel

545-foot-tall ride is world's largest; no serious injuries reported

(Newser) - 173 passengers on the world’s largest observation wheel were stuck for 6 hours today when a fire caused the Singapore Flyer to lose power, AFP reports. 10 of the stranded sightseers were lowered to safety in harnesses, while the rest waited for electricity to return. Its manager said some... More »

Red Really Is the Color of Lust

(Newser) - Ladies looking to attract a man can ditch their magazines and follow some simple advice instead: Wear something red. So say researchers at the University of Rochester, who conducted five scientific-sounding experiments to conclude that men aren't all that complicated. The test subjects, all undergrads, judged women as sexier and... More »

Beauty and Beast Spark Good Lovin'

Couples fare better if woman is more attractive: study

(Newser) - Trophy wives, take heart. A recent study shows that marriages fare better if the wife is more attractive than the husband. The University of Tennessee survey of 82 couples showed that men place a high premium on a woman’s beauty while women value a caring, supportive husband over chiseled... More »

The World's Least Sexy Lads

(Newser) - It takes more than comb-overs and beer bellies to make the world's 100 unsexiest men list. The Boston Phoenix factors behavior into its list of oh-so-fugly gents. A peek at who snagged the top (dis)honors:
  1. Roger Clemens: baseball (and steroid?) star.
  2. Spencer Pratt: Heidi's smarmy boyfriend on The Hills.
  3. Larry
... More »

Bad Lip-Lock Is Kiss of Death

Even attraction can't overcome a sucky smooch

(Newser) - You must remember this: A kiss isn't just a kiss. If it's bad, it can actually kill a budding relationship, a new survey says. Some 59% of men and 66% of women said they've had the hots for someone—until that first, deadly kiss, CNN reports. "I knew this... More »

Women Have Been Falling for Brad Pitt Types for 2.6M Years

Rules of attraction haven't changed much

(Newser) - The facial proportions of the average hot guy haven't changed much throughout human  evolutionary history, finds a new study that compares contemporary human skulls with skulls from 2.6 million years ago. Women have been selecting for males with short, broad faces—think Brad Pitt and Will Smith—since the... More »

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