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South Park Co-Creator Helps Save 3 Sequoias

Matt Stone's donation helping keep the trees from developers

(Newser) - The co-creator of South Park is helping save a trio of sequoias under threat from development in Portland, Oregon, which means "Lorax Dave" the protester might finally be able to come down, KATU reports. According to the Oregonian , the trees were planted in the mid-1800s, but developer Everett Custom... More »

Scientology Probed South Park's Stone, Parker

'Classic' probe in retaliation for infamous episode

(Newser) - South Park creators Matt Stone and Trey Parker may gleefully skewer anyone and everyone with scatological abandon, but apparently the Church of Scientology is one target unwilling to take its licks. The church investigated Stone and Parker in retaliation for their 2005 South Park episode " Trapped in the Closet... More »

Book of Mormon Sweeps Tonys

War Horse, Normal Heart, Anything Goes also grab honors

(Newser) - Broadway's gaspingly irreverent Book of Mormon took home nine Tony Awards last night, winning everything from Best Musical to Best Score to Best Direction to Best Actress in a musical (Nikki M. James). "You did it, Joseph! You got the Tony!" joked the co-creator of the musical,... More »

Muslim Who Threatened South Park Pleads Guilty

Zachary Chesser admits issuing threats, supporting terrorists

(Newser) - A Virginia man who threatened the creators of South Park for their depiction of Mohammed faces up to 30 years in jail after pleading guilty to issuing threats—and providing support for Somali terrorists. Zachary Chesser, 20, also admitted posting the personal contact information of people who joined the Facebook... More »

South Park Creators Need Protection—and Solidarity

Hollywood should step up with campaign against extremists

(Newser) - Dismissing those who threatened South Park's creators as mere cranks or fringe extremists is a potentially deadly mistake, warns a Dutch politician who received death threats herself after criticizing Islam. The warning from a radical website may not have broken the law, but it still amounts to an "informal... More »

South Park Creators: We Didn't Censor Show

We always 'stand behind' our programs

(Newser) - It takes more than a threat from a radical Muslim group to spook South Park creators Trey Parker and Matt Stone. The pair have released a statement stressing that it was Comedy Central, not them, who bleeped out the name "Mohammad" and statements from Kyle, Jesus, and Santa Claus... More »

South Park Censors Depiction of Mohammed

But it might just be a joke

(Newser) - Apparently there are places even South Park fears to tread. After getting a death threat from the jihadist website, the show pulled the prophet Mohammed out of this week's episode, bleeping out all mention of his name, putting “censored” banners over parts of the episode and, where... More »

Islamic Site Threatens South Park Creators

It's supposedly just a 'warning' for Trey Parker, Matt Stone

(Newser) - Leave it to South Park creators Trey Parker and Matt Stone to figure out a way to be offensive to the point of threats on a radical Islamic website. posted a “warning” after last week’s episode featuring the Prophet Muhammad in a bear costume. “What... More »

The 10 Best Jesus Films

From Cecil De Mille to Parker & Stone

(Newser) - In honor of Easter, Time lists the 10 best Jesus flicks—from Cecil B. De Mille to South Park—and gives you the scoop on each.
  1. The King of Kings, 1927 Cecil B. De Mille.
  2. The King of Kings, 1961 Nicholas Ray.
  3. The Gospel According to St. Matthew, 1964, Pier
... More »

New MTV News Show Puts Disabled in Control

New MTV show a surprising success

(Newser) - A new MTV show that features the mentally disabled interviewing celebs and average folks, isn’t as offensive as it sounds, Ellen Gray writes in the Philadelphia Daily News. The show—How's Your News? from South Park creators Trey Parker and Matt Stone, is actually an inclusive endeavor that proves... More »

South Park Duo to Skewer Mormons—on Broadway

Trey Parker and Matt Stone set their comedic sights on Utah religion

(Newser) - Canadians can rest easy. The creators of South Park are ready to offend an entirely new population—Mormons, reports the New York Post. This time, though, they will do so not on the big screen or the small screen but on Broadway. Trey Parker and Matt Stone are bringing the... More »

Cartman's Evil Is His Appeal

Foul-mouthed fat kid ranks 10th in all-time list of cartoon characters

(Newser) - Eric Cartman—the foul-mouthed fat kid in the "South Park" foursome of misfit boys—has ridden his ability to do the unthinkable to No. 10 on TV Guide's top 50 cartoon characters of all time. What's the appeal, exactly, of a malicious, mean, lying, selfish 8-year-old? "I'd say... More »

'South Park' Masterminds Sign Mega-Deal

Creators land share of ad revenue; show will run through 2011

(Newser) - South Park’s creators have broken yet another taboo. In a deal that Cartman would no doubt term “friggin sweet,” Trey Parker and Matt Stone will share the show’s online ad revenue, a practice long verboten in Hollywood. The contract, which extends the show through 2011, is... More »

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