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Good Samaritan Who Lost Legs Gets Fitting Gift

Company wants to pay for her prosthetics

(Newser) - A Good Samaritan who lost both her legs while helping a crashed motorist now has one less expense to worry about. Certified prosthetist Joshua Ryder of Island Coast Orthopedics in Lee County, Fla., has offered to donate two prosthetic legs to 30-year-old Danielle Hagmann as soon as she's ready,... More »

Amputees Fight Medicare for Artificial Limbs

They object to new rules that will limit prosthetics

(Newser) - It's not your usual dry debate over Medicare spending: In this case, it involves amputees fighting for artificial legs and feet. Nearly 150 amputees and their supporters descended on Washington yesterday to protest changes they say will make it harder for them to get prostheses, the Washington Post reports.... More »

Man Sues When Amputated Leg Turns Up in Trash

The Florida hospital isn't saying why the leg wasn't incinerated instead

(Newser) - John Timiriasieff didn't think much about the whereabouts of his leg after it was amputated just below the knee last fall. Until homicide detectives came knocking, asking the 50-something man in Key Largo, Fla., what it was doing in the garbage—name tag and all. No one at Doctors... More »

17 Operations Later, Boston Survivor Loses Her Leg

'It's not you, it's me,' Rebekah DiMartino writes to her leg

(Newser) - A 27-year-old survivor of the Boston Marathon bombings had her leg amputated yesterday after 17 operations to try to save it, reports NBC News . But to get a sense of Rebekah DiMartino's state of mind, it's better to check out her Facebook post prior to the operation in... More »

Quad Amputee 'Person of Interest' in Parents' Murder

Florida police on the hunt for Sean Petrozzino after parents found slain

(Newser) - "I cannot imagine him doing something like this—I don't think he would be able to." That was the reaction of one of Sean Petrozzino's neighbors to the Orlando Sentinel upon hearing that the 30-year-old South Florida man—a quadruple amputee after a bout with bacterial... More »

Teen Who Lost Leg Rescues Dog Who Did, Too

Young amputee in Florida relates to rescue dachshund

(Newser) - NBC 6 South Florida has a story about a teenager who lost a leg in an ATV accident last year and is now adjusting to life with a prosthetic. The added twist, though, is that Sam Sartain's mom happened to be looking at a website for dachshund rescues... More »

'I Got It!': 2-Year-Old Teaches Self to Use Walker

Amputee Kayden Elijah takes first steps

(Newser) - As catchphrases go, this one is perfect given the circumstances. As 2-year-old Kayden Elijah takes his first steps with a walker, he repeatedly says, "I got it," as seen in a gone-viral video spotted by MyFox8 . The New Jersey toddler was born with a slew of serious medical... More »

This Bionic Leg Can Read Your Thoughts

Leg reads 'reinnervated' nerves to predict body movements

(Newser) - Zac Vawter imagines movements that his leg mimics just like everyone else. When going up an incline, he visualizes his ankle moving as needed, and it does. But there's something remarkable about that moment: It's actually "a marvel of 21st century engineering," reports the Los ... More »

Double Amputee Conquers Everest— Without Prosthetics

Sudarshan Gautam is first climber to do so

(Newser) - Sudarshan Gautam is missing both his arms, but that didn't stop him from achieving his dream: to reach Mount Everest's summit, which he did yesterday, according to his website . The Calgary man, 31, is the first double amputee to climb the mountain with no prosthetic limbs, Sun News... More »

Boston Victims Get Free Prosthetics

Industry group offers to help those whose insurance won't pay enough

(Newser) - People who lost limbs in the Boston Marathon bombing don't need to worry about paying for prosthetics if they aren't covered by insurance, an industry group has pledged. The American Orthotic and Prosthetic Association has promised to supply prosthetics and initial services for the estimated 20 to 25... More »

Cop Kills Double Amputee in Wheelchair

Officer Matthew Jacob Marin was cornered in group home

(Newser) - A police officer took action yesterday against a double amputee who was waving a pen around—by shooting him dead in his wheelchair, the AP reports. Houston officer Matthew Jacob Marin was responding to a call about the amputee causing a disturbance at a group home, when the man cornered... More »

'Blade Runner' Aims for History

Oscar Pistorius is the first amputee to compete

(Newser) - Oscar Pistorius made Olympic history simply by competing in a 400-meter heat today, and he earned a chance to make some more tomorrow. The 25-year-old South African became the first amputee to compete in an Olympic race, reports the Washington Post . Pistorius, who uses a pair of carbon fiber prosthetic... More »

Why Today's Amputees Often Amputate More

More sophisticated prosthetics sometimes require a sacrifice

(Newser) - Increasingly, amputees who have already lost limbs are going to their doctors to ask them to remove more. The choice, which the New York Times calls "once unthinkable," comes as artificial limbs are becoming vastly more sophisticated. For people like Ann Kornhauser, whose prosthetic foot left her in... More »

Amputee Gets New Hands

Double-transplant is successful in Boston

(Newser) - Boston's Brigham and Women's Hospital is renowned for face transplants, but it can do miracles with hands, too: A 65-year-old who lost his lower arms to a blood infection got a new set in a successful double-transplant, reports the Boston Globe . “It’s just like you can... More »

US Military Amputees Increase in Afghan War

Numbers are up as more go on foot patrols

(Newser) - A new Pentagon report has some rough stats, mostly from the Afghan war:
  • The number of troops who have had amputations rose from 86 in 2009 to 187 last year. The pace continues this year, with 147 so far.
  • The number of troops who lost two or three limbs rose
... More »

Amputee Vet Killed in Coaster Accident

James Hackemer was thrown from ride

(Newser) - Rough story from the Darien Lake amusement park in upstate New York: A 29-year-old man who lost both legs in the Iraqi war is dead after falling out of a 200-foot-high roller coaster. James Hackemer lost his limbs to a roadside bomb in 2008 and just barely survived. "We... More »

Armless Pianist Wins China's Got Talent

Liu Wei wows judges by performing with feet

(Newser) - Double amputee Liu Wei won the inaugural season of China’s Got Talent last night, wowing viewers and judges with his rendition of “You’re Beautiful,” which he performed entirely with his toes. The 23-year-old lost his arms in an electrical accident at age 10 according to Mediaite... More »

Double-Amputee Returns to War

Dan Luckett joins 40 amputee vets fighting worldwide

(Newser) - Dan Luckett assumed he lost the Army when he lost one of his legs and part of his foot after a bomb exploded under his Humvee in Iraq. But two years later, the 27-year-old is back on duty—a double-amputee fighting on the front lines of America's Afghan surge in... More »

Robotic Arm Obeys Thought Commands

Advanced prosthetic limb transfers feeling back to amputee

(Newser) - Electrodes implanted into an amputee allowed him to control a robot arm with his thoughts, scientists said today. Over the course of a month, 26-year-old Pierpaolo Petruzziello learned to manipulate the hand through a series of electronic implants connected to his nervous system, reports AP . More »

New Robotic Arm Takes Cues From Brain

Improvements in field have given amputees dexterity, independence

(Newser) - Artificial limbs have come a long way from the wooden legs and plastic arms of old: Today's prosthetics take messages directly from the brain. Their performance far exceeds that of the previous generation of devices, which required concentrated effort to make ungainly motions. "You think, and then your muscles... More »

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