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Google Ditches Motorola

Smartphone unit sold to Lenovo for $2.91B

(Newser) - Google is selling Motorola Mobility to Lenovo for $2.91 billion, the companies announced yesterday, ending what Bloomberg/Businessweek is calling "a rare misadventure" for the big G. Google will retain the "vast majority" of Motorola's patents—which were cited as a major reason for the acquisition in... More »

Ashton's New Gig: Lenovo Product Engineer

Kutcher will work with company on Yoga tablets

(Newser) - Apparently, all you need to do in order to get a job as a Lenovo product engineer is really, really love technology. Well, that and be TV's highest-paid actor . The Chinese computer company has made Ashton Kutcher a product engineer on its line of Yoga tablets, according to the... More »

Lenovo CEO to 10K Workers: Take My Bonus

Lenovo's Yang Yuanqing hands out $3M

(Newser) - Lenovo's CEO has decided to hand over a hefty chunk of his annual bonus to the workers who helped make the Chinese company the world's biggest personal computer maker, the firm says. For the second year in a row, Yang Yuanqing is sharing more than $3 million with... More »

What Tablet? Lenovo Rolls Out 27-Inch 'Table' PC

Giant all-in-one aims for multiple users

(Newser) - Tablet too small for you? Try an entire table. Lenovo is releasing a 27-inch Windows 8 PC billed as a computer for multiple users, CNET reports. A wheeled stand (which may not reach the US) invites users to gather 'round, while another concept turns the computer into a coffee... More »

Challengers to Apple Tablet Dominate CES

Microsoft, HP, Amazon, Lenovo launch preemptive strike

(Newser) - Denizens of the non-Apple world—Microsoft, HP, Lenovo, etc.—appear to be starting competition with the Mac-daddy’s rumored tablet computer before its expected unveiling later this month with a preemptive strike at the Consumer Electronics Show. But whatever the CES reveals, Apple is keeping mum. A look at... More »

EU Fines Intel Record $1.45B

Chip maker paid firms to use its chips, commission says

(Newser) - The EU is fining Intel $1.45 billion for violating antitrust laws—a record amount that far exceeds the €497 million ($680 million) fine levied against Microsoft in 2004, the BBC reports. The EU competition commission said Intel paid manufacturers and a retailer to give its chips a leg... More »

Subnotebooks Don't Quite Measure Up

Lenovo, Asus debut lightweights that are close, but not there

(Newser) - Hamstrung by poor battery life, and burdened with an overly weighty Vista operating system that makes starting up a drag, a pair of new subnotebook computers offer a glimpse of what could be—but isn’t quite, writes Wall Street Journal tech guru Walt Mossberg. Lenovo’s IdeaPad—a junior... More »

China Protests Singe Torch Sponsor Lenovo

Computer maker invested $100M; 'didn't anticipate' brouhaha

(Newser) - Lenovo execs were hoping for some major branding momentum from winning the Olympic torch design competition—not to mention from plunking down some $100 million as sponsors of the 2008 Beijing Games. What they got was anti-China vitriol that has accompanied the torch around the globe, and a marketing campaign... More »

Lenovo Debuts Hip Laptop Line

New models will emphasize design, extra features

(Newser) - Longtime business stalwart Lenovo will unleash a stylish new line of laptops on a crowded consumer field, the Wall Street Journal reports. Lenovo’s IdeaPad line will offer sporty red aluminum-alloy cases and higher-performance gaming specs, as well as novel features such as face-recognition software that lets users log in... More »

Acer to Buy Gateway for $710M

Stock jumps 50% following announcement

(Newser) - Gateway’s stock jumped 50% today on news that Taiwan’s Acer will buy the former PC giant for $1.90 a share, MarketWatch reports. The acquisition leapfrogs Acer over Lenovo to the No. 3 spot in world computer sales. Meanwhile, Gateway said it will execute its right of first... More »

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