Yang Yang

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Meet Atlanta's Baby Giant Panda

One-month-old will be named when he's 100 days

(Newser) - About one month old, a new giant panda cub at Zoo Atlanta is still smaller than a house cat, but he is healthy and growing fast, veterinarians said yesterday after a weekly medical exam. The cub, who will be named when he is 100 days old following Chinese tradition, will... More »

Panda Bites Student Who Tries to Cuddle

Frightened bear bites man who scales wall at China zoo

(Newser) - A student who tried to hug a panda in China yesterday got some tough love instead, BBC reports. Officials say the man, 20, climbed into the pen of Yang Yang at the Qixing Park zoo to cuddle. But the frightened bear bit him on the arms and legs. "Yang... More »

Panda Fever Takes Vienna

Celebration after surprise birth of cuddly endangered species

(Newser) - After Berlin's paroxysms over the polar cub Knut, now it's Vienna's turn: the giant panda Yang Yang has given birth to a 3.5-ounce cub, the first born in Europe in 25 years. The birth was a complete surprise; Yang Yang had shown no signs of pregnancy during a recent... More »

3 Stories