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SETI Telescopes Back On, Thanks to 2,286 Alien Fans

Call for funds reels in more than $200K

(Newser) - Thanks to 2,286 people who believe aliens may be out there, SETI's search for radio waves that would prove there is intelligent life in the universe is once again a go, reports the LA Times . Budget cuts shut down SETI's Allen Telescope Array in April , but a... More »

Frontier Airlines Latest Carrier to File for Bankruptcy

Discount airline says it will continue flying as it reorganizes

(Newser) - Discount carrier Frontier Airlines today said it was filing for Chapter 11 but would keep flying thorough its reorganization, the Wall Street Journal reports. The carrier made the move after its credit-card processing company decided to withhold a larger share of ticket revenues from Frontier. Aloha and ATA also declared... More »

Thousands Stuck as Asian Budget Airline Folds

Hong Kong airline becomes 4th carrier to go bust this month

(Newser) - Thousands of passengers have been stranded in Hong Kong, London, and Vancouver with the collapse of Asian budget airline Oasis, the New York Times reports. In a sign that the industry's woes are spreading rapidly, the Hong Kong-based airline joins three US budget carriers to have gone under this month... More »

Cheap Flights, Passenger Perks Lost in Transit

Soaring fuel prices mean airline fees, shakeups here to stay

(Newser) - The days of discounts and perks on major US airlines have disappeared from the horizon, possibly forever, Marketwatch writes. The stratospheric fuel prices that caused three airlines to shut down last week alone are forcing airlines to boost their bottom lines any way they can. Capacity is being cut back... More »

Skybus Airlines Goes Bust

Low-cost Ohio carrier with $10 fares is airline industry's third casualty in a week

(Newser) - Anybody who wondered how Skybus could make money with its famous $10 airfares can stop: they didn't. The Ohio-based airline has become the latest US carrier to go bankrupt in the face of soaring fuel costs and a sluggish economy, the Columbus Dispatch reports. It made its last flight yesterday... More »

ATA Goes Bankrupt, Cancels All Flights

No ticket refunds given

(Newser) - Passengers booked on ATA Airlines flights got a rude awakening this morning: The low-cost carrier declared bankruptcy in the middle of the night, shut down operations, and canceled all further flights, Eyewitness News reports. “Unfortunately, we were not in a position to provide our customers or others with advance... More »

Turn Off the iPhone or Go to Jail

Passenger detained for using phone in 'airplane mode'

(Newser) - An irate flight attendant attempted to have a passenger arrested for refusing to turn off an iPhone on a flight to Hawaii, even though it was reportedly in "airplane mode" and didn't violate any FAA rules. The mode turns off all cell, WiFi and Bluetooth signals, which could interfere... More »

FAA Orders Inspections of Boeing 737s

Hundreds of jets to be checked for loose nut that caused China Airlines fire

(Newser) - The Federal Aviation Administration has ordered airlines to inspect hundreds of Boeing 737s after a loose bolt punctured a China Airlines jet last week, causing a fire that destroyed the aircraft. Southwest, Delta, Continental, AirTran, Alaska Air, ATA and Aloha Airlines have 24 days to check for loose nuts on... More »

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